Savings With Priceline Rental Cars: Tips To Find The Best Deals

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If you are looking for the best possible price on a car rental, then participating in the Priceline Rental Car bidding process can help you to get the most affordable vehicles for your next trip.

But before you head directly to the website, you should read our guide below so you can get the very best booking when you use Priceline car rentals.

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What is Priceline Rental Cars?

Priceline is a car rental service that will allow you to access vehicles at discounted prices either through booking via the discounted booking list, or by using the Priceline bidding service.

The service provides a wide variety of different vehicles on the site, so you should have no problem finding a match for your requirements, travel dates, and driving specifications.


How Much Can You Save with Rental Car Priceline?

If you use the set pricelist to book a Priceline rental car, you can save up to 20% over car rental prices available on other websites. But, if you choose to use the bidding system, you can more than 40%!

When you use the Priceline rental car service the names of the car rental companies bidding for your business are hidden, but you will be able to access fantastic deals from the biggest brand rental services around.

As the biggest companies use the service to access customers, you can feel confident in the quality and reliability of the cars you book using the site.


How Long Can I Rent a Car using Priceline Rental Car?

You can secure Priceline car rentals to rent a vehicle for a period of up to 10 months using the set retail service. However, if you want to use the website bidding system you will only be able to rent a car for a 28-day period.


What Types of Cars Can You Rent on Priceline Rental Car?

The Priceline.com car rental service includes a wide variety of different vehicles of different sizes. These include compact. economy, premium, standard and mid-size cars. If you need larger rides, then minivans, SUVs, and full-size vans are also available to rent on the website.

In certain locations, you will also be able to rent cargo vans and fun rides. If you are looking to rent one of these vehicles in a major US city, you are likely to be successful.


What Vehicle Information is Included on the Priceline Rental Car website?

When booking Priceline rental cars in the US, you will be able to access a complete description of every car on the site. The information includes the passenger capacity and the space for luggage available in each choice.

However, you should be aware that the car you are looking at on the site, will not necessarily be the exact car you pick up at the counter. Rental companies usually have multiple models and makes of each car, so there may be slight variations you discover once you pick up your vehicle.


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Do I Have to Pay More for Priceline Car Rentals if I'm Under 25?

One of the downsides of car rental is that if you are a driver aged under 25 you will be subject to a young renter fee which can cost between $25-50 each day.

You should also be aware that there are further age restrictions for younger drivers using rental car Priceline depending on location.

  • If you are aged between 21-24 years old Priceline Car Rental is available in certain locations.
  • Drivers aged between 18-20 can access Priceline rental cars in New York only.

These prices are not included in the rental fees displayed on the website and you will need to factor these in when assessing the best deal for you. If you choose to book a winning bid for a Priceline rental car, the young driver fees will be payable separately from the charges at the counter.

Although older travelers pay less for Priceline car rentals, you should not be tempted to lie about your age to try to get a cheaper price. Checks will be made to verify your age and you will need to provide your valid driver's license.

If it is discovered that you have lied about your age you will be charged the younger driver fee, or your booking may be canceled completely. If your order does get canceled because you have lied about your age, you are not entitled to a refund on your order.


Can I Get a Smoking Car on Priceline Car Rentals?

If you use the bidding service on Priceline rentals cars, then you will be booking a non-smoking car.

If you want to book a car that you can smoke in, you will need to use the set rental car price list. You should also contact the company you have chosen ahead of booking, to confirm that you will be able to secure a smoking car that fits your requirements.


How Long is a Day on Priceline Car Rentals?

A rental car Priceline day covers the 24-hour period that follows your pick up of the vehicle. This begins from the time that you pick up your vehicle and ends when you drop it back off at the counter.

For example, if you pick up your car on Monday at 5 pm and then drop it back off on Tuesday at 5 pm - this is considered one 24-hour block (or one rental day.)

To avoid extra costs being charged for extra days, it is best practice to make sure you book the same time of day for both your pickup and drop off of the car.

If you were to book your car on Monday at 5 pm, and then drop it off on Tuesday at 6 pm - you may be charged for two rental days, although you have only used it for one extra hour. Whether you are charged for that extra hour, or for a full day will be at the rental company's discretion.

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