How to Upgrade Your Hotel Room for Free

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If you want to get more out of your next hotel stay, whether you're on vacation or on a business trip, try these tips. From asking for extra amenities to signing up for the loyalty program, learn how you can upgrade your room without having to spend any additional money.


How to research what upgrades are available for your hotel room

Being prepared creates the best possible travel experience. Do your research before you book so that you know what to expect from your accommodations. A great way to evaluate hotel rooms and potential upgrades is by reading online reviews written by previous guests.

The name of a hotel is a popular topic among travelers on TripAdvisor. Simply search for your hotel's name, then browse the reviews. You're likely to discover many people who will say whether they were able to upgrade their room for free (or at a minimal cost). If you're still unsure, you can always contact the hotel by phone/email and inquire about their upgrading policy.

A small amount of research before your trip can make a big difference in how much you enjoy it!

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Asking for an Upgrade at Check-In

It's worth learning how to ask for a free hotel room upgrade on your next holiday if you want to get one. Many travelers are unaware that they can frequently obtain an upgraded room just by asking at check-in.


Here are a few tips for how to ask for an upgrade at check-in:

  • Keep calm and polite. When requesting an upgrade, be polite and kind to the front desk staff since they can grant your request.
  • Why do you think you deserve an upgrade? If you have a justification (for example, it's a special occasion), make sure to point that out. It'll better your odds of being upgraded.
  • Although upgrades are not guaranteed, it doesn't hurt to ask nicely if any are available. By being assertive but polite, you increase your chances of getting an upgrade without seeming entitled.
  • Be open to other solutions. Don't be discouraged if there aren't any more up-to-date rooms accessible; inquire if there are any additional perks or advantages that come with the deal.

Timing your stay

When it comes to upgrading your hotel room for free, being timely is crucial. If you want to get a free upgrade, make your reservation as far in advance as possible. This way, the hotel will have more options for higher-quality rooms. Avoid booking during peak seasons such as holidays or conferences; instead, seek mid-week stays during slower periods.

If you're flexible with your travel dates, try calling the hotel directly to see whether there are any upgrade possibilities. Hotels frequently provide complimentary upgrades to guests who are willing to change their reservation to a less-popular time slot if they so desire.

Remember, never mind! If you are polite and pleasant, the worst the hotel can do is say no. So don't be scared to inquire about a better room when you check in; maybe you'll get lucky!


Joining a loyalty program

If you frequently travel, then it would behoove you to sign up for a hotel loyalty program – many of which are free. Some benefits offered by these programs include free room upgrades and late check-out. Also, most importantly, you'll earn points that can be used for future complimentary stays or other prizes.


Using Social Media to your Advantage

It is no secret that social media is a powerful tool, and many of these travel businesses frequent it. Many travel hackers take advantage of social media to their benefit. These social media suggestions will allow you to transform your next hotel room into a luxury suite without spending any extra money.

  • Always be in the loop by following your favorite hotel pages and accounts on social media. In many cases, hotels will offer exclusive deals and promotions to their followers first, letting you save big the next time you travel.
  • Use social media to your advantage when making reservations. Mention any special occasion that you're celebrating, such as a birthday or anniversary. Many hotels will go above and beyond to make sure your stay is memorable. By doing this, you may even get an upgrade!
  • Take advantage of the hotel's services. Because most hotels provide free Wi-Fi, make good use of it by uploading photographs and updates from your room. You may also utilize social media to see if there are any discounts on spa treatments and other activities offered by the hotel.
  • Share your experience with family and friends. After all, what's the use of staying in a beautiful hotel room if you're not going to advertise it on social media? Make sure to include the hotel's name in your tweets so that others may see how wonderful it is.

Being Polite and Persistent

When it comes to obtaining a room upgrade at a hotel, being polite and persistent is crucial. First, always begin by asking the front desk if they can assist you in any way with your current situation. Don't take it personally if they say no; simply ask whether there is someone else you may speak to about the matter. Someone higher up is probably able to assist you.

After you have contacted the appropriate individual, explain precisely which type of upgrade you desire. If you are open to several possibilities, for instance, a room with a better view or a bigger bed, make that known. On the other hand, if your needs are specific and non-negotiable, list them so staff will be aware and can try to provide what you want.

Finally, keep in mind that hotels are frequently busiest on weekends and holidays, therefore, upgrades are more likely to be accessible during the week. If you're prepared to wait a few days before your stay, it's worth calling ahead the day or two before your arrival to see if an upgrade is available.



We hope you enjoyed our suggestions for how to enhance your hotel room for free. With a bit of inventiveness and effort, you can easily improve the comfort and luxury of your stay without spending any extra money. So, when you're planning a vacation, keep these ideas in mind and see if you don't get an upgrade!

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