How To Reveal Priceline's Hidden Hotel Names?

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When researching how to get the most value out of your holiday spending, you will of course be looking for the best possible deal when booking your hotel stay. And, as many travelers have discovered, booking your hotel through a third-party site can often give you access to deals and discounts that won't be offered if you book with the hotel directly.

However, in exchange for these money-saving offers, you will often have to be very flexible concerning your dates and accommodation requirements. Savvy travelers have discovered that as long as you can be as flexible as possible with regards to other aspects of your holiday bookings, you can enjoy some quite substantial savings on your vacation accommodation.

The benefits of customer flexibility in exchange for substantial savings are probably best exemplified by Priceline. A third-party travel trader can offer you up to 60% discounted hotel room booking on the advertised price with Priceline Express Deals. The only catch being,is that you won't actually be aware which hotel you are going to be staying in at the time when you make the booking!

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What is Priceline?

Priceline is a discount travel online retailer which offers travel bookings, hotels, flights, and rental cars. They offer deals, discounts, and price cuts on bookings with a variety of different big brand providers and have become known for their hidden hotel discount feature - Priceline Express Deals which allows vacationers to save up to 60% on their hotel bookings.

Using Priceline for hotels and flights has become a very popular travel hack over the past few years and the provider has seen a recent rise in popularity. T he travel provider has been around since 1997 and has recently seen a boost in popularity, as more and more canny travelers are looking for online deals rather than booking with travel agencies or buying complete packages.


How does Priceline Hotel Booking Work?

When you initially search for a hotel to book based on your requirements, you will only be given a price offer and a general map of the location in which the hotel you are interested in can be found. It is only once you have confirmed and paid for your booking that you will discover where you will be staying.

Although this may seem like this process reeks of an online scam, there is in fact a very reasonable and logical reason that Priceline hotel discounts are offered using this method.


Why Does Priceline Hide Hotel Names at the Time of Booking?

Priceline is one of several travel providers who engage in the practice of opaque pricing. This term describes their practice of offering hotel deals (or other deals) by hiding the name of the hotel until the booking has been confirmed.

The main reason for doing this is that it enables bigger hotels and facilities to sell unused rooms at discount prices without doing damage to their brand or overall price structure. Cheaper rooms are not being explicitly advertised on the site which allows the hotels to continue to charge full price on their own websites without their value being called into question.

So, although it may initially seem a little shady and worrying, this process is the very reason that Priceline and other providers (like Hotwire, Hotels.com, or Booking.com) can access such fantastic offers in premium and well-known hotels.

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Is Priceline legit?

When reading through Priceline's hidden hotel practices, the question "Is Priceline legit?" is bound to have crossed your mind! Well, despite any uncertainty you may initially feel when using the service, Priceline is very much a legitimate company that has been in the travel business since 1997 and partners with some of the biggest travel providers and brands globally.

So you should wave aside any fears of arriving at run-down shacks and half-built hotels when you press the confirm button! The company offers deals with some big brand names which the companies themselves would rather not be advertised or publicized on the open market as this could work to devalue the perception of their brand.


How Can you Reveal Priceline's Hidden Hotel names?

Understandably, there are still quite a few customers who balk at the idea of paying Priceline for hotels that have not been named ahead of time. So, there are a few hacks you can use to try to discover the name of the Priceline hotel you are considering before you confirm your booking and make payment.

You can use the Google Chrome extension TravelArrow to discover which hotel is being offered to you before you book it. The extension does this by taking the information you have access to such as the listed hotel amenities and general location to cross reference against the hotels which are listed in the area.

That way you can have the name of the hotel before you book it and even visit their official website to get a better look at the facilities before pressing confirm on your Priceline booking page!

The creators of the extension claim that the algorithm they use can predict which hotel stay you are being offered with 99% accuracy. And the extension will also be able to tell you if your hotel booking is being offered for less on other sites! Not only that, but the extension will also allow you to directly compare Southwest flights with the others being listed on Google Travel, by including them in your Google Flights listings.


Summary - How to reveal Priceline's hidden hotel names?

If you are looking into taking advantage of the extremely favorable discounts available on Priceline but feel uncertain and nervous about booking a hotel which you aren't familiar with, d. Downloading the Travel Arrow google extension could be theas it could be the answer to all your problems!

Using this extension, you can take the mystery out of your Priceline Hotel booking experience and enable you to regularly use Priceline for hotels and flights booking without having to worry about where you will end up!

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