Exploring Aruba: An Exclusive Guide

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The stunning island of Aruba is one of the ultimate dream destinations for many. On the Northern coast of South America, the island boasts incredible beaches, clear blue oceans, and incredible scenery all around.

But, as well as giving you plenty of opportunities to sun yourself on the sand and swim in the crystal clear waters, there are also plenty of fascinating locations to explore, restaurants to visit, and activities to enjoy.

Picturesque towns, delicious eateries, and adventure opportunities are dotted all over Aruba. Whether you want an underwater adventure, to explore the natural rock formations or travel to mysterious caves - there are plenty of incredible ways to spend your time and create lifelong memories.

Here is our guide to the Best things to do in Aruba so that you can make sure you get the best possible experience on your trip to this unique and beautiful destination.

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Your Guide to Fun Things to do in Aruba

Take a Safari by Jeep

One of the best ways to start your vacation in Aruba is to take a Jeep Safari around the island. This tour will give you a wonderful tour of nine of the best locations the island has to offer including Baby Beach, the California Lighthouse, and the stunning Natural Pool.

While you are enjoying this unique off-road tour, you will be able to get your bearings on this Caribbean island and pick out spots to come back to and explore later on during your vacation.


Soak in the Sun on Flamingo Beach

Aruba is world famous for its beautiful beaches, and you can enhance the experience by heading to Flamingo Beach. A visit to this wonderful location will allow you to sunbathe and swim while surrounded by pretty pink flamingos!

Flamingo Beach is on Renaissance Island and is free to enter for guests of the Renaissance Hotel. But, you can also enjoy the experience by purchasing a day pass for this incredible experience. Every Saturday, new passes are issued at 9 am on the hotel website for the coming week - but they sell out quickly, so make sure to get online in good time!

Alternatively, you can head to De Palm Island for a flamingo-filled day at the beach. Tickets are available which give you access to both the beach, an open bar, and a waterpark! No matter which location you choose, there is no doubt that is one of the best things to do in Aruba during your visit.


Picture of flamingos


Explore the Natural Pool in Aruba

Planning a trip to the wondrous natural pool is a must-do when you make a trip to the island. And getting there can be an adventure in itself! You'll have to make your way down a long, rocky road by renting a four-wheel drive, a horse, or heading out on foot. You can also book a dedicated tour that will drive you to this incredible location.

Once you arrive at the pool you will be able to take a dip in amongst the natural volcanic rock formations and marvel at the dramatic coastline which surrounds this marvel. Combine your visit with an exploration of the natural coastline and you'll find that a trip to this popular site is one of the most fun things to do in Aruba.


Enjoy the Sunset as Your Cruise in the Caribbean Waters

You can't travel all the way to Aruba without experiencing the incredible sunsets each evening, and what better way to do so than by heading out to the sea? After a day spent exploring the caves, pools, and waterparks on the island, you can head out to the west side of the island to enjoy the spectacular setting of the sun.

To enjoy the best view of this natural wonder, you should check the internet for sunset time and aim to make your way to the west of the island in good time to settle on the boat or the beach.

You can book a sunset cruise through a provider or else head to the West Deck Restaurant on Machebo Beach Resort to enjoy a spectacular meal as the sun sets.


Go Snorkeling in the Sea

Experience the stunning sea life and beautiful coral reefs up close by spending a few hours snorkeling in the crystal clear waters that surround the tropical island. To experience a close encounter with the dolphins which swim in Aruba's waters, you can book a guided snorkeling tour of the waters.

Great snorkeling locations include the stunning coral that surrounds the shipwreck Antilla and the truly spectacular Boca Catalina reef where you will be surrounded by hundreds of colorful fish and sea life.


Explore the Island Off Road on an ATV

As well as boasting the beaches and seascapes which make the Caribbean islands such a travel hotspot, Aruba is unique in its rocky, desolate interior landscape full of canyons and dunes. This makes it a great place to get out on an offroad 4x4 adventure by hiring an ATV!

The adrenaline junkie in you will enjoy the exciting off-road experience while you enjoy the solitude and witness the spectacular nature on display all around you.


Head Beneath the Waters on a Submarine Tour

Another of the best things to do in Aruba is to book a submarine tour which will give you an entirely different view of the island!

These trips beneath the waves usually last under two hours and during that time you'll be able to spot the shipwrecks littering the ocean floor, explore the twists and turns of the natural coral, and witness the exotically colored sea life which calls them home. And the crystal clear waters mean you'll get a fantastic view of it all!

There are a variety of different submarine tours operating in Aruba which give you different experiences. If you want to head to the ocean depths, then Aruba Atlantis Submarine Expedition will take you down to 130 feet!

There is a giant range of fascinating and fun things to do in Aruba, and if you want to enjoy the absolute best vacation, it's best to plan ahead! Take a look at our top picks for the best things to do in Aruba and you'll be off to a great start!

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