5 Tips to Get the Most Out of Your AAInflight Experience

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American Airlines flight flying through the air

Whether you have booked domestic flights or an international trip, it is always beneficial to get a good idea of the AAinflight entertainment options that will be available on your flight before you leave. This way you can ensure that you have everything you need to make sure your hours in the air pass as quickly as possible.

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What AA inflight Entertainment Options are available?

Entertainment options for most American Airlines inflight status levels are wide and include a range of ways to stream music, movies, and TV shows. On selected flights, you will be able to stream this entertainment directly onto your phone or tablet without having to pay any extra charges. Some of the AAinflight entertainment you may be able to access includes:

  • Watch movies and shows on Apple Tv+

You can view Apple TV on American Airlines inflight either on your own devices or the seat back screen in front of you. First class sections which don't have seatback Tv screens will include the offer of a tablet to use during the flight.


  • Listen to your favorite tunes on Apple Music

Free entertainment on AAinflight includes the ability to stream your favorite songs on Apple Music. Choose between more than 30,000 playlists and 100 million tracks with no purchase required. (This perk is only available on American Airlines flights with Viasat inflight WiFi. You will also have to sign up for an Apple wi fi subscription plan which will become payable after an initial trial period.)


  • Learn a language with Rosetta Stone

You can also take the opportunity to brush up on the language of your destination by accessing Rosetta Stone while aboard an AA flight! You can also use Skillshare to brush up on your coding, social media, or marketing skills!


  • Keep your children entertained with the "Kids Room."

You can make sure that your children don't succumb to boredom during the flight by accessing the AA inflight entertainment package for children. As well as accessing movies and Tv shows, especially for younger minds, your children can also use the educational entertainment application HOMER. This app will help your kids to enjoy learning about science, music, maths, and other subjects.


  • Access hundreds of movies and TV shows.

AAinflight entertainment packages are updated each month with brand-new shows and the best movies. If you want to see what movies are available on your flight you can access this information before take-off with your flight number.

Below we will look at how to get the most out of your American airlines inflight entertainment options and what your need to check before you head to the airport.


Do you have to pay for AA inflight entertainment?

Many American Airlines flights have Wifi available which allows you to stream movies and Tv shows via the American Airlines app. This service is free as long as you are accessing entertainment available on the AA inflight entertainment packages.

You will also be able to watch live TV for free on selected AA flights for as long as you are in domestic air space. Once your plane moves out of the continental US area, this service will be disabled.

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Tips for Ensuring the Best AA Inflight Entertainment

1 - Check if your booked flight offers free AA inflight entertainment

American Airlines inflight entertainment is available for free on select domestic and international flights. If you want to make sure to battle boredom while in your seat without having to pay for extra entertainment options, you can check whether your flight status includes free entertainment by clicking here.


2 - Download the American Airlines App before you leave for the airport

Before you arrive at the airport, you will need to download the latest AA app onto the phone or tablet you want to use while traveling. You will need to have this downloaded and ready to open if you want to access the free entertainment options available on the plane.

You'll also be able to use the app to access essential information about your flight, the traffic you face on the way to the airport, and airport maps to help you navigate your way to your boarding gate.


3 - Make sure your devices are compatible with American Airlines Wi fi Entertainment Packages

It's all very well making sure to bring your devices aboard, but you may be left twiddling your thumbs if your devices aren't compatible with AA inflight entertainment packages!

You can currently access AAinflight entertainment on Apple iOS, macOS, Android, and Windows. And you can open a browser page in Chrome, Safari, and Firefox.


4 - Make sure that you disconnect from VPN

If you are struggling with accessing the inflight wi fi, you might consider turning off your VPN application before you resort to calling for assistance from the onboard staff! Free American Airlines inflight entertainment won't be accessible until you do so.


5 - Set a reminder to cancel your Apple subscription after the flight

If you have agreed to an Apple subscription in order to access Apple entertainment while on the flight, make sure to immediately set a reminder to cancel your subscription on your phone within the trial period.

You should be able to access a free trial when you first sign up for Apple services but will need to take steps to cancel this before charges become applicable. If you haven't had an Apple subscription before you should be able to sign up for three month trial period before you have to pay anything!

Summary - 5 Tips to Get the Most Out of Your AAInflight Experience

Taking the necessary steps to ensure that you have the best AAinflight experience should only take you a couple of minutes and you'll be thankful once you settle in your seat. if you already have e your American Airlines app downloaded, VPN disabled and a compatible browser open you can quickly start whiling away the minutes with some of the best entertainment options around!

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