Discover The Fastest Wifi At Airports Around The World!

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Speedy and easy-to-access Wi-Fi networks have become an expectation for travelers rather than a benefit. Whether you are trying to beat boredom while waiting for a delayed flight, finding a local hotel to stay at due to flight cancellation, or staying in touch with loved ones back home - accessing airport Wi-Fi quickly and easily is essential.

But the quality of Wi-Fi at airports can vary dramatically, with some international hubs offering a high-speed public Wi-Fi network, while others lag far behind in terms of easy usability.

This year Ookla published its list of the speediest Wi-Fi at airports worldwide. The international network tester and connectivity analyzer assessed the busiest airports around the globe based on the mobile Wi-Fi network available in both the airport-selected airport lounges.

There were two bits of good news for US travelers, both domestic and international!

  • All the busy international airport locations met the recommended speeds for Wi-Fi network streaming on mobile devices.
  • Four US airports topped the list, with a further four making the list of speediest public Wi-Fi at airports.

Below we look at which Wi-Fi in Airports is the quickest and answer the important question - Is Airport Wifi Safe?

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Which Airports Have The Fastest Wi-Fi Networks in the World?


Top Ten Speediest Wifi At Airports

San Francisco Airport is topping the list of the speediest wifi at airports, with a download median speed of 176.25 MBPS during the first quarter of 2022. Seattle-Tacoma International Airport, Dallas Fort Worth International Airport, Chicago O'Hara International Airport and Dubai International Airport rounded out the top five.

Denver International Airport, Los Angeles International Airport, and Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport also appear globally in the top ten airports with Wi-Fi.

The International Hub Airports which make the top Ten list are Amsterdam Airport Schiphol in the Netherlands and Dubai International Airport in the United Arab Emirates.

  • San Francisco International Airport, USA
  • Seattle-Tacoma International Airport, USA
  • Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport, USA
  • O'Hara International Airport, USA
  • Dubai International Airport, UAE
  • Hartsfield-Jackson-Atlanta International Airport, USA
  • Amsterdam Airport Schiphol, Netherlands
  • Los Angeles International Airport, USA
  • Denver International Airport (Free Wi-Fi), USA
  • Denver International Airport (Free Wi-Fi 2.4), USA


All of the airports in the top ten list of fast Wi-Fi at airports are international hubs that see multitudes of passengers pass through on their way to destinations all over the globe.

Travelers with these hubs as a destination, leaving, or change-over spot can look forward to accessing a speedy Wi-Fi network while relaxing in an airport coffee shop, resting in an airport lounge, or getting bored at the boarding gate.

You should have no trouble using the airport’s Wi-Fi to make your calls, browse the internet or make video calls to your loved ones before you hop on the plane.

However, even within the top ten, you can see a significant difference in speeds between the top runners and bottom rungs of the list.


The 11th to 19th Speediest Airports Wi-Fi

Rounding out the top 19 speediest in airports are more international airports, with four based in China.

  • 11 Charles de Gaulle Airport (Wi-Fi Airport), France
  • 12 Charles de Gaulle Airport (Wi-Fi Airport Standard), France
  • 13 Istanbul Airport, Turkey
  • 14 Madrid Barajas Airport, Spain
  • 15 Shanghai Hongqiao International Airport, China
  • 16 Shenzhen Bao'an International Airport, China
  • 17 Beijing Capital International Airport, China
  • 18 Chengdu Shuangliu International Airport, China
  • 19 Mexico City International Airport, Mexico

Internationally, you will find that the speed of Wi-Fi in airports can vary dramatically and that there is a stark difference between the speeds you can expect from the top ten and those that made numbers 11 to 19 on the list.


Where Can You Find the Best Spots for an Airports Wi-Fi?

Ookla advises that an airport lounge is the most likely place to find the best internet coverage in airports with less speedy hotspots. However, you may need to be a member or pay for the privilege.


Is Airport Wi-Fi Safe?

Most airport Wi-Fi is no different in terms of security from other public hotspots. So, the answer to "Is Airport Wi-Fi Safe?" is that you should use these services cautiously.

If you want to do simple web browsing, you should be okay, but do not expect stringent cyber security when protecting your private details and payment information.

You should try to use airport Wi-Fi only when you need to, or else look into protecting yourself before you arrive to travel.

  • Download and install a VPN (Virtual Private Network) Service to encrypt all the data you send.
  • Be Careful Of Evil Twin Networks When Looking For Wi-Fi at Airports (networks that look like the airport’s and can access your data if you connect and use them.)


Summary - Discover The Fastest Wi-Fi at Airports Around the World!

The US is leading the field when it comes to the quickest airport Wi-Fi globally. But many large international airports are also included in the top 19 list from Ookla. This means that the next time you head to an internal hub airport, either in the US or abroad, you should enjoy speedy internet access whenever you need it.

But it would be best always to exercise caution when using an airport's Wi-Fi; remember that being quick does not mean it is secure. As with all public Wi-Fi networks, you should take steps to stay safe online.

The quickest and most effective way to enhance your internet use when using Wi-Fi at airports is to make sure you install and use a VPN app to help keep your data secure.

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