Ultimate Guide To Your Las Vegas Formula 1 Grand Prix Experience

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Formula 1 Las Vegas 2023 is taking place between November 16 and 18 this year, and if you want to make sure you get the best experience possible, there are some key things you need to know about this inaugural event.

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Important Facts About the 2023 Formula One in Vegas

  • The Formula One in Vegas event will be from November 16 to 18, 2023.
  • The race is scheduled to start at 22.00 on Saturday, November 18. And the majority of events will take place at night.
  • The majority of Las Vegas hotels don't admit guests who are under 21.
  • You can buy tickets for a Formula 1 race in Vegas through this F1LasVegas website.
  • If you want to quickly arrange a trip to see Formula 1 Las Vegas, you can book official ticket packages which include photo ops, an appearance by an F1 celebrity or driver, and club hospitality and seating.


How Do You Get Tickets for Formula 1 in Las Vegas?

The Formula 1 in Las Vegas 2023 event is set to be the most expensive race of the year. The first batch of tickets sold out quickly when they were released in late 2022 and included the tickets at some of the most affordable price points. More tickets are now available with Grandstand prices starting at USD 2,000 for a three-day ticket which includes non-alcoholic beverages and food.

When planning your trip budget for Formula 1 in Vegas, it is also important to consider the costs of your hotel stay. The much-anticipated event is luckily located in an area that is not exactly hurting for hotels, but if you want to book an exclusive VIP package, it is better to research the costs and availability sooner rather than later.

With high demand for tickets, you will be facing steep competition for hotel rooms and some estimated price rises of up to 300% on the weekend of the event. So, make sure to get this booked up as soon as you can secure your tickets.


What Kind of a Budget Will You Need for Formula One in Las Vegas?

How much you will need to earmark for your Vegas trip will depend upon the type of accommodation and treatment you want to enjoy while you are there. Here are some benchmarks which you can use when deciding what your budget is going to be for the event.


A Lower Range Budget of Approx $950

This budget should cover you if you managed to snag a 3-day General admission ticket at $500. You should earmark $150 for a bed in a Hostel for 3 nights and a further $300 to cover your daily spending of $100 a day.


A Mid-Range Budget of Approx $3,500

If you managed to buy a 3-day SG3/SG8 Grandstand ticket at $2,000, then you set a budget of approximately $900 to cover a stay in a 3-star hotel for the weekend. Set aside the remaining $600 to give you a daily spending budget of $200.


A High-End Experience with a Budget of $15,000

If you want a premium experience enjoying the 2023 Formula 1 in Las Vegas, then you can spend between $8,000 to $10,000 on a shared VIP experience in the East Harmon and North and South Korval Zones. (Higher packages for exclusive VIP tickets are currently unavailable.)

You should also set aside at least $1,500 for a stay in a four or five-star hotel for 3 days (based upon booking a shared double room.) A healthy budget of $1,500 spending money should ensure that you get the absolute best F1 race experience during your trip.

Remember, you will also need to factor in travel costs when deciding upon your budget and how much you can afford to spend on your tickets and hotel stay. You should also make sure to factor in extra taxes and charges made by the hotels which can sometimes equal 15-20% of the base room cost.


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Can I Take My Kids to Formula 1 Las Vegas 2023?

If both you and your children are Formula 1 enthusiasts, then you may be considering booking an epic family trip to the Las Vegas Grand Prix. However, there are some logistics to consider before you book your stay on the Las Vegas strip.

As we detailed above, the majority of LAs Vegas hotels require guests to be aged 21 and above, meaning you may find it difficult to book a stay close to the race strip. The majority of events during the weekend will also take place at night, (for example, the 10 pm race start on Saturday,) so will not be suitable for younger children used to an earlier bedtime.


How Expensive Are Hotels Going to be for Formula 1 Heineken Silver Las Vegas?

When it comes to pricing for the best hotels in Vegas, the major chains have implemented a dynamic pricing structure that will fluctuate up and down based on demand for the event.

So, you can choose to keep an eye on hotel prices for the next few months or make sure that you have a roof over your head by booking in advance. Some hotel chains offer bookings with free cancellation; therefore, it might make sense to book now and then cancel if you find a better deal later.

Some of the larger Vegas hotel chains are partners for the Formula One in Vegas event, so if you already have a relationship with a hotel you may be able to access deals and packages.


Can You Book a Balcony Room to Watch the Race?

Several hotels offer direct views of the Formula 1 Heineken Silver Las Vegas Circuit. But balconies are actually in short supply in Vegas, those that do include this option are likely to only be available in the high-priced VIP packages available.


What Hotels Are Closest to Which Circuit Zones?

The best hotel to stay at during Formula 1 in Las Vegas 2023 will depend upon which zone your tickets are in. The East and West Harmon Zones and the Paddock Zones are located in the southeast. The North Korval and MSG Sphere zones are in the northeast. The Wynn Zone is in the northwest, the Caesars Zone is in the west, and the MGM zone is in the Southwest.

Make sure to check out the location of your tickets and pick a hotel at your price points that afford easy access to your stand.


How to Save Money During the Formula 1 Race in Vegas?

If you have maxed out your budget on securing prize tickets and can't book a hotel without busting your card limits, then you might consider booking a stay in a city close by to Sin City. Henderson, for example, is only a half-hour drive from Vegas and Boulder City and also offers a host of great hiking and leisure activities to enjoy before the races.

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