Top 5 Essential Travel Carry On Packing Tips

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Carry on bag with various items in it

If you are a regular traveler for business or pleasure, the news articles and photos showing the oceans of backlogged checked bags and luggage littering airport floors over the summer will have rightfully filled you with horror. The worldwide airport employment crisis has led to delayed and canceled flights, as well as a phenomenal amount of lost or late luggage which shows no signs of disappearing into 2023. So how can you avoid it?

Well, one of the best packing hacks for travel is to get as much as you can into your carry-on luggage! Not only will you be less likely to have to face the disruption and inconvenience of a rriving at your destination with your belongings nowhere to be seen , but you'll also be able to l eave the airport as soon as you arrive. You won't have to lug a giant case behind you when you're already exhausted from a long flight and you'll save money by avoiding checked luggage fees!

But how can you condense everything you need into a bag that meets the carry-on dimensions and weight limits? If you already struggle with space in your luggage as it is, reducing your travel packing to what can fit in your carry-on may seem practically impossible.

Well, it's actually easier than you might think! Read below to learn how to pack your carry-on in a way that will save you money by eliminating the need for checked bags. Here are our Top Ten Travel Carry On Packing Tips


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Invest in the Best Type of Carry-On Luggage

To get started, you'll need to buy a sturdy, lightweight, and practical piece of carry-on luggage that will hold everything you need to see you through your trip. Remember different airlines have their own weight and measurement restrictions, so you should think about which airline you most regularly fly with and make sure that it at least fits their requirements. Here are some other things to consider when choosing your carry-on luggage:

  • Will it last a long time? Is the material durable and of a high quality?
  • How good is the stitching on the zippers?
  • Will it protect your belongings? Is it robust: does it have padding or a hard shell?
  • How easy will it be for you to move around with it? Are there roller wheels?
  • Are there enough extra pockets that will allow you to access the things you need quickly and keep organized?
  • Is it the right size for your height and do you feel comfortable using it? (If you have to bend down to reach the handle as you roll it along, you could end up dealing with a neckache before too long!)

Use a Space-Efficient Personal Items Bag

Save space in your carry-on bags for bigger items by making use of a personal items bag such as a tote bag, backpack, or briefcase to fit in everything you can, water bottles, books, laptops, and your valuables. You can even save space by rolling up some of your clothing items and PJs! Don't bring along a little purse when you can save time, money, and inconvenience by investing in a larger bag.


Wear What Takes Up the Most Space

A lot of us have favorite lightweight travel clothes we like to put on before we head to the airport. But a key part of learning how to pack a carry-on is that you can save space in by wearing your larger, heavier items as you fly!

That doesn't mean that you have to sweat it out in a heavy sweater for hours during the height of summer: you can tie it around your waist, instead. Your coat can be removed once you take your seat and other layers likewise. The aim is to be smart about how you dress on the day by layering up and saving space in your luggage.


Use Compression Bags and Packing Cubes

Make use of all the available space in your carry-on luggage by using plastic wrap compression bags and packing cubes. You'll be amazed how much more space you have once you've reduced each item to its smallest possible packed state! Also make use of all the pockets and nooks available; if there are pockets on the side, you can use them to store toiletry sample bottles, shower caps and socks!


Consider Cleaning Clothes While You Are Away.

If you are going to be away for quite a while, you can check into a hotel that has a cleaning service, or if there is a laundromat, you can use to clean clothes close to your Airbnb. You can then play it smarter with your packing list and reduce the total amount of clothing you need to bring with you!


How To Pack Carry-On - Some more Tips and Hints

  • Rather than folding your clothing, roll it!
  • Start packing early so you can be organized about your approach.
  • Make sure to weigh everything before you leave for the airport to avoid complications or difficulties.
  • Rather than weigh yourself down with books, take a Kindle.
  • Wear a coat or jacket with lots of helpful pockets!
  • Take samples and hotel-sized products rather than full bottles.
  • Consider the type of toiletries, hair dryers, towels, etc. that may be available where you are staying.
  • Be strict with yourself about the number of shoes you actually need!
  • If you are traveling with another person or group, can you pool all your available carry-on bags to make sure everything fits in somewhere?

Follow our packing hacks for travel above, and you'll be able to enjoy a much lighter, more streamlined way of traveling which will make your experience less costly and stressful. And you won't be running the risk of you arriving at your location without your clothes and items.


Takeaway - Top 5 Travel Carry-On Packing Tips

Saving time and money by only traveling with carry-on luggage is one of the best packing hacks for travel you can use while the current airport crisis rages on. Not only will you make sure that all of your items are safe and secure as they travel with you, you will also save the normal time and extra cost involved in checking your bags!

Reducing the size and weight of your overall luggage so that it fits within the carry-on dimension and weight requirements of the airline can be achieved by streamlining your packing list, adjusting your packing strategies, and investing in a sturdy and space-efficient piece of carry-on luggage.

To save even more space, you could consider whether you can clean clothes while you are away to reduce the number of outfits you have to pack; also make sure to wear your larger coats and sweaters while you travel instead of packing them.

With our Top 5 Travel Carry-On Packing Tips, you'll soon be breezing past baggage claim the next time you travel!

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