Ten Essential Carry on-Bag Items

Travel2 years ago
Person looking through a bag on an airplane

As exciting as the build-up to a holiday can be, it does come with the stressfulness of bag packing. To ensure this doesn't happen, below is a list of the ten most essential items you should bring in your carry-on luggage.


A clean T-shirt - I never used to carry around a spare t-shirt as I thought, what's the point? That all changed very quickly when I was on an 8-hour flight and spilled Coffee all over my t-shirt. Soaked and smelling like Coffee for that time was just a headache I didn't need. Since then, I always have a spare handy.


Hand Sanitizer - Think about all the germs lurking around within the airport and on your flight from people not washing hands properly and not covering their mouths when they cough or sneeze. Especially when you're in your seat in that cramped tiny space, this is why it's an essential item to have with you at all times.


A pack of gum - As we know, when flying, air pressure changes, causing your ears to pop and cause discomfort. Chewing gum or hard candy can equalize air pressure softening the pain.


Portable phone charger - Having a portable charger has never been handier. Even though you may not be able to use your phone during your flight for messages or browsing the internet (unless you pay for airline WIFI), you still have access to apps where you can either play video games, watch a movie or read a book. This is a great way to pass the time, so by having a portable charger handy, you can guarantee your device isn't going to run out of charge.


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Refillable Water Bottle - Taking your water bottle can be super handy, especially if you are on a long-haul flight. With it being so accessible, you can guarantee you'll always be refreshed. However, please remember that airports have limits on liquids, so you may have to depose before security. If that's the case, most airports now offer free refillable stations.


A deodorant stick - Within the profound temperature changes from the start of your journey to the end. It doesn't hurt to carry a little deodorant stick to keep you smelling refreshed throughout your travels.


Tissues - It's great to have these handy in case of a runny nose or catching sneezes and in case of a toilet situation where there is no loo roll left.


Snacks - We all know the outrageous pricing of airline refreshments and how taxing they can be on your bank. It's always best to top up with your snacks as you will save a lot of money and know you have food you like. It's also good to factor in that energy-based foods may be the better option to keep you going during your flight.


Headphones - What's a worse feeling than when you are getting ready to sit back and watch a film, reaching for your headphones and feeling nothing? There isn't one! This is why it's necessary to ensure you always have them in your carry-on bag. Furthermore, it stops the awkwardness with whoever you are sitting with hearing what you're watching.


A magazine - If you want to catch up on all the latest gossip or enjoy a fascinating read. A magazine caters to both and is an excellent form of entertainment for your long-haul flight. I suggest bringing your own instead of using the in-flight magazine.

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