Online Or Walk In - Which Are The Cheapest Hotel Bookings?

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One of the most substantial costs of traveling is accommodation. When planning your next vacation or business trip, you will obviously be looking at how to keep your costs down.

You may have heard that it is cheaper to book all your hotels online, or that you can get some great hotel deals by simply walking in to make your reservations. But which of these is actually true? is it cheaper to book a hotel online or in person?


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How to Get a Cheap Hotel Room Booking - Online vs Walking In.

There is no start answer when it comes to how to book a hotel for cheap. In fact, whether it is cheaper to book a hotel online or walk in will usually depend on how you approach your booking.

If you choose to book a hotel room online, how much you end up paying will depend on the service you use. To make sure you have access to the cheapest hotel bookings, you need to make sure to use online travel portals which offer the best cheap hotel room booking options.


You Can Usually Access the Cheapest Hotel Bookings Online

Many people choose to book online due to convenience; you can get the whole matter sorted quickly and your next vacation reservation confirmed without moving from your seat. You may also be able to find the lowest price hotel rooms due to the following reason:


There is High Competition Online For Your Business

Just google the term "cheapest hotel bookings" and you will see a multitude of online travel agencies, hotels, and travel brokers making a claim for the title. In order to get their fair share of the lucrative digital commerce world, hotels know they need to provide competitive and affordable booking prices online.


You May Be Able to Take Advantage of Discounts When Booking Online

If you are searching for how to book a hotel for cheap online, then you will find that some online travel portals offer suitable rooms at special rates and discounts. There are some websites, such as Kayak, Expedia, and Priceline which specialize in this kind of hotel booking and offer cheap prices on unbooked hotel rooms with some of the biggest brands.


Find a Cheap Hotel Room Booking Using Price Comparison Websites

You can make sure you are getting the absolute best deal on a cheap hotel room booking by using price comparison sites such as Trivago and Booking.com. These search engine sites allow you to look at which prices are being offered across different sites so you can save as much as possible on your cheap hotel room booking.


Can You Get A Cheap Hotel Booking by Simply Walking In and Booking a Reservation?

Whether you can get the cheapest hotel bookings by walking into the lobby and asking to make a reservation will depend on a variety of factors. These include business policy, how in demand the hotel rooms are, and how close to the reservation you try to book.


Whether You Can Get the Cheapest Hotel Bookings Will Vary From Business to Business

If you walk into a hotel and try to make last-minute bookings for a hotel, you may find that you can access cheap hotel room booking from companies that would rather take less money than have an empty room for the night.

However, some hotels will make no change at all to their hotel room prices and you may find that the price quoted is more than that advertised on hotel comparison websites.

This is a very hit-and-miss approach to cheap hotel room booking, and there is no hard and fast rule for discovering which hotels are best for this approach.


If You Are Booking Out of Season, You May Be Able to Access Cheap Reservations

If you try to book a hotel room by walking into the lobby of a busy hotel where rooms are very much in demand, then it would be extremely optimistic to expect to be able to haggle your way to a lower price! But if you are planning on booking a reservation in a location that is out of season, you may be offered a lower price when you walk in to a hotel that is keen to secure your business.


Walk In Reservations Offer Less Security When it Comes to Your Travel Plans

The biggest issue with placing your bets on accessing the cheapest hotel bookings through walk-ins is the uncertainty. You have no guarantee you will get a cheaper room, nor that you will even be able to secure a room for your required period at all! Booking online allows you to research prices on different websites and secure a roof over your head long before you hop on the plane.

How to Book a Hotel For a Cheap Price

Whether you choose to book online or via a walk in, there are still some rules to keep in mind to access the best price.


Don't Book More Than 3 Months in Advance

The closer you get to the actual reservation date the cheaper the reservation will become. In fact, some studies have found that approximately two weeks beforehand is the sweet spot for accessing the best prices. As the time for booking in advance lessens, hotels are more concerned with ensuring they have a booking, rather than charging the most profitable price.


Don't Forget to Check What's Available on Airbnb!

While searching for the best cheap hotel room bookings, make sure to compare the best prices you find with local Airbnb options. You may find that booking use of a local apartment or house might save you money and you'll be able to settle in your own private domicile for the period you are away.


Always Search Around and Compare Different Offers

Search on the official websites for hotel chains and discount booking websites. Compare prices for the same rooms and make sure you are getting the best possible deal before you confirm your booking. The key lesson for how to book a hotel for cheap is research! You need to commit to doing some serious search engine work and ensure you have exhausted all of your cheap hotel room booking options before getting out your credit card.

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