New E-Visa Requirement for US Travelers Visiting Brazil

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Planning a trip to the vibrant culture and stunning beaches of Brazil? Hold on a minute, US travelers! As of April 10, 2025 (important note: the requirement has been postponed), visitors from the United States, Canada, and Australia must obtain an electronic visa (e-visa) before entering Brazil.

This new requirement comes into effect as a reciprocal measure to the existing US visa requirement for Brazilian citizens.

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Details of the New E-Visa

The e-visa process is designed to be streamlined and efficient. Here's what you need to know:

Who Needs the E-Visa?

  • This requirement applies to travelers from the United States, Canada, and Australia.


Reason for the E-Visa

  • The e-visa is a reciprocal measure for the existing visa requirement that the US has in place for Brazilian citizens visiting the United States.


Cost and Validity of the E-Visa

  • The e-visa for US citizens will cost $80.90 and be valid for ten years. This extended validity is a great perk, allowing you to make multiple trips to Brazil within that timeframe without needing to re-apply.


Additional Considerations

  • While the basic requirements are outlined above, it's important to note that additional information might be requested during the application process. Be sure to check the official Brazilian government website closer to your travel date for any updates or changes.
  • Payment processing for the e-visa fee may have specific methods accepted. The government website will likely detail available payment options.
  • Ensure your passport is valid for at least six months beyond your intended stay in Brazil. This is a standard requirement for most international travel.


Application Process

Obtaining the e-visa is a straightforward online process. Here's what you'll need to have prepared:

  • Completed e-visa application form (details on where to find the application form will likely be available on the Brazilian government's official website).
  • A recent passport photo meeting specific size and format requirements (check the website for details).
  • Proof of roundtrip flights confirming your entry and exit from Brazil.
  • Bank statements demonstrate you have at least USD 2,000 in available funds.


Processing Time

Once you submit your complete application, processing can take up to five business days. Be sure to factor this into your travel planning to avoid any delays at the border.


While the new e-visa requirement adds a small step to your travel preparations, it shouldn't significantly impact your plans. By gathering the necessary documents and applying in advance, you can ensure a smooth entry into Brazil and a fantastic vacation experience.

For the latest updates and specific application details, be sure to check the official Brazilian government website closer to your travel date.

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