Make The Most Of Your Loyalty Points With Point Me

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Discovering the most effective ways to get the best value on your air miles and rewards points on credit cards can be confusing and time-consuming. Whether you struggle to find the best partner airlines to use your points with or want to know how to effectively transfer and consolidate all your points - navigating the world of airline and credit cards rewards points can be overwhelming.

The Point.me website has been created to help you make the best of the points you have earned with rewards programs. For a fee, you can save time and effort and quickly track down the best possible deals for the points you have earned with airline and credit card rewards programs.

Below we will take a look at Point.me and tell you how the website works, the fees involved, and whether this is the best way to discover the best value for the points your spending habits earn.

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What does the Point.me Website Do?

Points.me is a website that will search for the most valuable types of rewards on offer across various airlines in real-time. You can also use the website to discover the cheapest ways to redeem your points against flights and hotel bookings.

There are a lot of annoying and time-consuming stumbling blocks involved in comparing and contrasting award points and miles across different airlines. if you want to discover which flights offer you the best rewards for booking, you will often have to create accounts and log in or deal with delays in search results.

These restrictions can make searching for the airline that offers rewards for your travel a time-consuming and confusing process. Using Points.me, you can sidestep all of these issues and access the information you need quickly and easily.


How Does Point.me work?

After setting up a login account and subscription on the Point.me website, you can quickly search for a flight on the home page.

Using the search function, you can search for a one-way flight or round trip, select the number of passengers, your destination and origin airports, and whether you want economy or premium class seats.

Once you have selected "search" you will only have to wait between one and two minutes for the website to check availability across approximately 33 different programs. You can investigate options as the search continues but should always make sure to check back for later results before making any decision.

The results of the search will be ordered in terms of the duration of the flights. However, you can use the filter to sort the list by the cheapest possible options or those recommended in the Point.me picks.

Using these results, you should quickly be able to pinpoint the cheapest deals with the airline and credit card rewards points you have collected and the flights which will allow you to gain the best rewards points while you travel.

Once you choose the flight you would like to book, you simply need to click "View the Booking Options”, to be presented with all the ways you can book the flight. You will be shown how you can book via the airline rewards scheme, as well as the best ways to use or transfer credit cards rewards points to make the booking.

After choosing which booking option offers the best value, the website will give you specific guidelines on how to consolidate and transfer rewards points to get the best value on your flight.

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How Much is a Point.me Subscription?

The cost of a Point.me subscription will vary according to the level of support you want when you use points to redeem for travel and how long your subscription is. The current prices on offer are:

  • $5 for a 24-hour starter pass offering unlimited searches during this period.
  • $12 monthly for unlimited self-service flight award searches.
  • $129 each year for unlimited self-service searches (a $15 saving on the monthly subscription.)
  • $200 per passenger booking concierge service.

If you regularly book flights for business or travel and frequently struggle to get the best rewards points deals then this monthly $12 could be well worth the price, considering the amount of savings you could be making.


Can You Earn Credit Card Reward Points on Your Point.me Subscription?

As well as using the website to find the best ways to spend and earn rewards points, your subscription payment can also be used to earn rewards points on credit cards!

For many credit cards, the Points.me subscription will count as travel spending and you will be able to earn points on your spending. This includes:

  • 3x points when you pay with an Ink Business Preffered Credit Card.
  • 3x points if you pay using the Chase Sapphire Rewards Card.
  • 3x points when you pay using your Citi Premier Card.
  • 2x points when you use your Chase Sapphire Preferred card to pay your subscription.


Is Point.me worth the Subscription Cost?

While you may baulk at paying $129 each year when trying to save money on flights and other travel costs, this can be a valuable service for frequent travelers who will be saving both time and money on frequent bookings.

And the $5 24-hour pass and $12 monthly subscription can both be valuable to you if you manage to access the very best rewards points and cheap flights which save you much more than the cost of the service.

The 24-hour pass is a great way to access the service and decide whether you find it useful and want to develop it into a full subscription or not. If you think you will be using the service more than twice a month, then moving to the monthly subscription of $12 will be more cost-effective.


Takeaway - Make the Most of Your Loyalty Points with Point Me

If you want to make sure you are getting the best value for your dollar on your travel spending, but struggle with the time, research, and organization required to get the best rewards points, then Point.me could be a great option.

Within one to two minutes, you will be able to access the information you need in a fraction of the time and with none of the difficulties you normally face when doing your research on the best ways to earn and spend rewards points on credit cards.

Whether you are a regular flyer who would benefit from the monthly subscription or just want some help navigating the complicated world of rewards points when booking your vacation - Points.me is an affordable and accessible way to access the best value for your next flight.

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