Apple's iOS 18 Introduces Travel-Friendly Features | What to Expect

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The new iOS 18 from Apple brings exciting travel-friendly features for iPhone users. It allows you to redeem points with Apple Pay easier. You can also add your credit cards to Apple Pay without trouble.

This update includes cool AI that gives travel assistance. It will make your travel experience smarter. And there are more new features to help modern travelers.

Key Takeaways

  • iOS 18 will introduce new travel-friendly features to enhance the user experience for iPhone users on the go.
  • Apple Pay will now support redeeming points and easier addition of credit cards, making it more convenient for mobile payments.
  • The integration of AI, dubbed "Apple Intelligence," will provide intelligent travel assistance through features like automated flight and hotel information retrieval.
  • iOS 18 will bring improvements to the Maps app, including hiking directions for national parks and the ability to create custom routes.
  • Unexpected connectivity features, such as satellite messaging, will benefit travelers in remote areas.

Apple Pay Elevates with Points Redemption and Easier Card Addition

Apple Pay's new feature lets users redeem points when they shop. Before, you could only pay with cash from your linked credit cards. But with iOS 18, you can use your points to pay from certain rewards programs.

It includes Discover, Synchrony, and others that join in. This makes using your reward points easier when you check out. But how much you can use will depend on your card's issuer.

Apple Pay Will Accept Points

Apple pay supporting points is great for people with lots of rewards points. Now, you can use these points when you shop. It makes paying faster and helps you use your points better.

Adding Credit Cards to Apple Pay is Easier

Adding new credit cards to Apple Pay is now easier. You no longer have to type in card details. Just tap your iPhone's back with a contactless card. This is thanks to the new "Tap to Provision" feature. It especially helps people with a bundle of cards.

Apple Updated iOS Calculator with Built-in Currency Converter

Apple recently released an exciting update to its iOS 18 Calculator app, introducing a built-in currency converter. This new feature allows users to easily convert between different currencies with relying on third-party apps.

Apple Added the Option to Download Offline Maps on iPhone

This new feature allows users to access maps even when they are offline or in areas with poor or no internet connectivity. Whether you are exploring an unfamiliar city or hiking in remote areas, this update ensures that you can still navigate conveniently without relying on an internet connection.

Apple Intelligence Brings AI-Powered Enhancements

iOS 18 brings something exciting called "Apple Intelligence." It's an AI assistant that works with many apps and services. This makes traveling easier. For instance, ask Siri for your flight or hotel details, and it'll get the info from your emails or calendar for you. This means less time spent looking things up. It will suggest smart things in the Messages app and help summarize important messages and webpages. Plus, it lets you make your own emojis with a special tool.

Apple's apple intelligence focuses on knowing your special details, like when you need to be somewhere or who you're meeting. The AI does most of its work on your device, which keeps things private. But for heavy tasks, it might need a little help from a private cloud. Siri is getting smarter, too. It'll know more about you and do more in your apps, making traveling with new travel friendly features in ios 18 even better.

Exciting news for people who like being productive! Apple Intelligence has tools for better emails, easier notifications, and tidier inboxes. With Genmoji, you can make your own emojis from text. And there's Image Playground. It lets you create all sorts of images for your apps. The Notes app is getting cool updates, too. Now you can make real-looking pictures and get your voice turned into text or summaries.

But that's not all. Apple's AI can do things for you, like find files or play podcasts. Searching in Photos is going to get easier with words, not just with tags. And Siri is teaming up with ChatGPT to be more helpful. This is going to be great!

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Conclusion: New Travel Friendly Features in iOS 18

Apple is getting ready to launch iOS 18 in the fall of 2024. They've added lots of features for travelers to enjoy. This update makes using Apple Pay and other tools smoother. It brings new handy tools for our adventures.

Now, event tickets in the iPhone will come alive like never before. They will have venue maps, tips for parking, and even let us order food. This makes it easy to find our way at events. The Maps app will have special directions for hiking in 63 U.S. national parks. It will be simple to plan and enjoy nature walks.

Sending messages through a satellite is a cool new feature. It works when we're off the grid or in emergencies. Also, the latest AirPods Pro will have new controls for better calls. And when traveling by train, a special setting will help us use our devices better. All this makes our travel tech experience better.

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