How To Travel Italy On A Budget - Top 5 Tips

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Picture of Venice

Italy is a dream destination and features high on most people's travel bucket lists. The incredible history, food, culture, and scenery mark it as one of the earth's most amazing travel destinations.

But Italy can be an expensive country to travel in, and you need to research and prepare beforehand to avoid your trip's cost from spiraling quickly. Read below to discover how to travel to Italy on a budget this year and keep your costs down.


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Top 5 Tips for How to Travel to Ital on a Budget

How to Save Money on Flights to Italy

When booking your travel to Italy, there are some hacks you can use to limit your flight costs and save more money for spending when you arrive.

The most important aspect is to be flexible about when you travel and the flight route you are willing to take. If you can be flexible with your dates, you will find some big savings by traveling during off-peak periods.

You should also consider whether you are willing to travel to a neighboring country if the flights are substantially cheaper and then renting a car or using a train to travel to your final destination.


How to Save Money Travelling Around Italy on a Budget

You may prefer to rely on public transportation in Italy rather than renting a car. The country has an extensive regional train and travel network, which could help to lower your overall travel budget. And many cities in Italy, such as Venice and Florence, you can see best on your feet during a walking tour!

If you want to travel to a new region of the country, you can use their high-speed trains to get there within a couple of hours for approximately 60 EUR.


How to Save Money on Accommodation in Italy

One of the main things you need to consider when traveling to Italy on a budget is how you will keep the costs of hotel rooms down.

Some budget travel accommodation options in Italy vary from approximately 25 EUR per night to a modest room of your own for approximately 80-90 EUR a night. You should also check out what is on Airbnb since this will generally be cheaper than a hotel.

Naturally, accommodation costs in popular travel destinations such as Rome, Milan, and Venice will be slightly higher. So consider whether you want to book your accommodation in a nearby suburb and then travel into town by train to keep your trip costs down.


Picture of the Amalfi Coast

How to Save Money on Food While Travelling in Italy

The fantastic food in Italy is one of the things most travelers look forward to when planning their trip. But these amazing meals come at a price; a meal in a restaurant with an accompanying glass of wine will cost you over 15 EUR each night. This may not be in your budget.

One trick is to adjust your dining, so you eat your main meal at lunchtime. Many restaurants offer affordable set menus at this time to draw in crowds. You should also consider whether you are fine with drinking tap water over being charged for bottled water with your meal.

If you only want a quick meal during your day, you can always buy a delicious slice of pizza which will stave off your hunger for a couple of hours.


How to Travel Italy on a Budget with Cheap Activities

When it comes to to how to Travel Italy on a Budget, the most important money-saving travel tip is to plan your trip beforehand. When you have decided which area you are heading to, research the cheapest dates for flights, investigate different accommodation options such as hostels and Airbnb, and decide whether you want to save money by relying on public transport.

Make sure that you set a daily budget for your trip to Italy cost and take advantage of all the free sights and activities which are available in each city. In doing your research on how to travel to Italy on a budget beforehand, you'll discover how to have the trip of a lifetime without causing too much damage to your wallet.

Italy has a wealth of different activities, places to visit, and sights to see. And a lot of them are either free or reasonably priced. You can visit many beautiful landmarks, enjoy street and musical performances, and even benefit from free admission to some museums and galleries!


Go on A Walking Tour

The best way to explore a city center in Italy is to get outside and walk the streets. You will get a feel for the area and pick out spots you want to return to the next day. You will find reasonably priced walking tours available through most big-city hostels, and this is a great introduction to the area. Your walking guide will usually have loads of great local tips as well!


Check out if there are any Museums or Galleries with Free Admission

Also, if you plan to visit some magnificent museums and galleries, research to discover if they have any days or periods when they waive admission fees entirely.


Sit Back and Relax in Beautiful Landmarks and Historical Sites

With beautiful sites all around you, why not spend a few hours people-watching, reading a book, or having a picnic with the beautiful sights and sounds of Italy around you? You will have a lovely time without adding to your cost.


Go on Hikes and Bike Rides

If you are traveling to beautiful regions such as the Amalfi Coast and Cinque Terre, you can rent a bike cheaply or hike to discover the most beautiful parts of the area.


Make Sure to Visit the Stunning Churches and Basilicas

You can visit most of Italy's stunning churches and basilicas for free. You can visit the stunning St Mark's in Venice, for example, and it will cost you absolutely nothing to admire the breathtaking architecture and learn about the history of the building.

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