How To Find Cheap Flights For 2023

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Researching how to get the cheapest flight deals online is an ongoing process. As online services progress, new credit card rewards schemes develop, and aggregate websites appear - you need to make up you are up to date on how to find cheap flights for 2023.

Below we will look at everything you need to know about how to access cheap air prices and when to get cheap flights for your business trips and vacations this year. So, let's get started!

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How to Find Cheap Flights in 2023

Be Flexible on Your Vacation Dates and Destinations

One of the key tips for getting the cheapest flight deals online is maintaining flexibility with your travel dates or destination. If you are open to exploring a new destination based on a great deal or can be open to booking cheaper international flights at non-peak vacation times - you can save hundreds of dollars.

If your work allows you to be flexible about your dates, then you can head to a cheap flight website and input some of your preferred destinations. You'll then be able to access the cheapest plan ticket options for your dream vacation location and make your travel date choices based on this.

If your work schedule only allows a limited period for vacations throughout the year, then some flexibility about your destination could end up saving you a great deal on your plane ticket. Use an aggregate flights website such as Google flights to input your travel dates and see what great deals and destinations look the most tempting!

The more rigid you are about your destination and departure date, the more you limit your pool of possible deals and savings.


Book your Departure Dates on the Cheapest Days to Fly

The cheapest airfares will generally be available on the flights which have less demand. Booking a flight that leaves on a Tuesday, Wednesday, or Saturday will help you to book flights that are cheaper than other days of the week to and from the same destination.

If you buy airline tickets that leave on Friday or Saturday, you should generally expect to pay more as you compete for tickets with other weekend travelers.

(Please note that this is only a general rule, and it is always better to double-check on flight search engines before assuming this rule always applies.)


Avoid Booking Flights Within Peak Travel Seasons

Airline prices fluctuate according to demand, and the worst times to book flights are peak travel periods such as Christmas, New Year, and Spring Break. The popular vacation months of June, July, and August are also more expensive times to fly.

The best times of the year are usually between January and mid-May, as well as September to December which are less popular times for booking vacations.


Always Check For the Cheapest Airfares on Discount Travel Websites

You will rarely get the best cheap airfare deal by buying directly from an air carrier. An online flight search engine will allow you to compare and contrast all of your available options to make sure you get the best deal.

Even if you have identified a flight that looks promising on a website, double-checking on an aggregate website for the same flight may give you access to a better deal via a third party.

Here are some of the best websites which will allow you to compare the cheapest airfares available for your destination or travel dates.

Google Flights - This mammoth airline search engine will present you with a breakdown of the prices on offer from different third-party websites. This is a quick and efficient way to be presented with a list of the cheapest flight deals online. (However, you should note that Southwest flights will not appear as they don't allow their flights to appear on 3rd party sites.)

Priceline - You will be able to access cheap air prices and book discount hotel stays on this specialist online travel agency site.

Momondo - This website will show you how to find cheap flights to your destination, as well as compare prices for discount hotel stays and car rentals.


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Can You Be Flexible with your Departure and Arrival Locations?

If you can be flexible about which airport location you are prepared to travel from for long-haul and international travel then you should save a great deal. You may be able to get the cheapest deals online if you are prepared to travel to an airport a little further from home.

When looking for cheap air prices on a search engine, why not input a different departure or arrival location and see what kind of a saving you could make? If it means an extra few hours of travel from home, or to your hotel - is this a sacrifice you are willing to make based on the savings included?

Hint - Remember to include the extra cost involved in traveling to the alternative airport destination when considering this option.


Book At Least a Month Before Your Departure Date

If you are wondering when to get cheap flights, then booking between three months to a month before your departure date is advised. Booking during this period is likely to help you get the best price for your seat. As a general rule, the closer you leave the booking to your departure date, the higher the price will be.

Although prices fluctuate, air carriers know that if you are trying to book close to the flight date, your options are likely to be more limited and you may be willing to pay more to get a seat on the plane. They will raise the prices accordingly.


Use Flight Trackers to Be Alerted on New Deals as they Become Available

If you have used all of our tips for how to find cheap flights above and still haven't been able to find cheap air prices which suit your requirements, then you can set up alerts on sites such as Google Flights or Kayak. These sites will send alerts to will make you aware of when new cheapest flight deals online are available.

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