How Do Apple Air Tags Work For Travel and Luggage?

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If you are planning on traveling soon, you may be worried about the reports you've been seeing about huge amounts of misplaced luggage and delayed bags in airports. This year, many of us have been struggling to pack as much as we can into our carry-on luggage to make sure our belongings arrive where we do.

But if you are heading off for an extended stay somewhere you will have to trust your suitcases to the airline and trust that you're belonging will make it to the baggage claim carousel in your destination airport.

But there is a step you can take to keep track of your luggage once you hand it over to the airline - Apple Air Tags! A recent product offering from Apple which can help you to find the location of your luggage if it goes astray.

Below we will take look at the answers to questions such as "What are Apple Air Tags?", "How Do Apple AirTags work for luggage?", "Are Apple Airtags Waterproof?" and "Are Apple Airtags Worth it?" By the end of this article, you should have a clear idea about how Apple Air Tags can help to locate your lost luggage and how to use these small trackers.

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What Are Apple AirTags?

Apple Airtags are compact wireless tracking devices that can be put inside your luggage in order to keep track of the location of your bags during your travel. You may not be able to ensure that your bags make it to the same destination as you, but you can use Apple AirTags to locate exactly where they are and make retrieving them an easier and faster process.

The coin-sized devices won't take up too much space and you can attach them to important personal property such as your wallets, a key ring, your passport holder, a laptop bag, and checked-in suitcases and bags.

Once placing an AirTag on or in an item, you can use your iPhone, MacBook, iPad, and Air pods to discover their location using Apple's "Find My" feature.


How Do You Use Apple AirTags to Find Your Items?

If you think your items might be close by and within Bluetooth range, you can use your phone to access the "Find My" app and use it to guide you to your bag's location. The app will give your specific directions toward the lost air tag and will emit sounds that will help you to track down the exact location.

If you are a little outside of Bluetooth range, you can still use the "Find My" feature to head towards the general location and you'll start to receive specific location instructions once you get close enough.

If you want to ensure that you get the most precise instructions about the location of your missing air tag, you should use a new phone which is no older than an iPhone 11. You will not get the same level of location precision on older iPhones.

You can also choose to turn on lost mode and enter a contact number that should be used if someone comes across the misplaced air tag and luggage. If the person who recovers your luggage has an NFC iPhone or Android, they can use it to access a website that will give them your customized message and phone number.


How Long Do Apple AirTags Last?

Apple Airtags have a watch battery that should last you for over a year. And it is quite easy to remove the battery and replace it when they do run out. You can check your iPhone for an indicator of how much energy the Airtag battery will last and when it will need replacing.


Are Apple Airtags Waterproof?

If you are worried that your bags or items might have been exposed to water, then you can rest assured that your air tags will still work and allow you to find your belongings.


Are Apple Airtags Safe?

Apple Airtags will not allow anyone who finds them to access any personal information or location information will be encrypted. This means only you will be able to access the exact location of your bags while your phone remains anonymous.


How Do Apple Airtags Work For Travel and Luggage?

Place your air tags within your baggage rather than attaching them to a handle to make sure that it isn't knocked or ripped off during transit.

Once you have checked your luggage in at the airport, you can check the app on your iPhone to discover the location of your bags. Although you can't yet follow the location in second-by-second real-time, you will at least be able to tell if they have made it onto the same plane as you and where they are located in the airport.


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Are Apple AirTags Worth it?

In contrast to a lot of Apple products, you'll find that air tags are very reasonably priced and definitely worth the peace of mind you'll experience when you hand over your luggage to the airline the next time you travel.

You can buy an Apple AirTag for $29 and a set of four for $99 ($24.75 each). And when you need a replacement battery, you'll only need to pay approximately $2. So the answer to "Are Apple AirTags worth it?" is a definite yes!


Summary - How Do Apple AirTags Work For Travel and Luggage?

Apple Air tags are an affordable and practical solution to the baggage loss problems which travelers are currently risking when they hand their belongings over to understaffed airports in the US and throughout Europe.

When luggage becomes separated from its owner, quickly using the Find My feature on an iPhone, Apple Mac or iPad can help to quickly discover either the exact or general location of your items depending upon whether the Air Tag is within Bluetooth range.

These inexpensive devices are the perfect easy solution to the current luggage crisis. And when you aren't using them for travel, you can apply them to your key chain or put them in your wallet to keep track of your everyday items while you are at home.

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