Flying Together: United Airlines' Collaborative Platform

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In today's corporate landscape, fostering collaboration and effective communication among employees is crucial for organizational success. United Airlines Inc recognizes this and has developed an innovative platform called "Flying Together" to bring its employees closer together. In this article, we will explore how United Airlines Inc uses Flying Together to promote teamwork, streamline processes, and create a sense of unity among its employees.

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United Pass Riders: Connecting through Shared Experiences

One of the unique features of the Flying Together platform is its inclusion of United Pass Riders. These individuals, including friends and family of United Airlines employees, can access specific resources and information via their Intranet accounts. United Airlines fosters an inclusive environment, enabling employees to share their work environment with their loved ones, and promoting a sense of belonging and unity. This fosters a deeper understanding of their roles and encourages a supportive community within the organization.


The Power of the United Intranet Login

To access the Flying Together platform, employees can visit the employee login United Intranet Login page at https://flyingtogether.ual.com. Upon entering their employee ID and password, they gain entry into a world of collaboration and connection. This secure portal acts as a gateway to numerous resources, tools, and communication channels designed to enhance teamwork and employee engagement.


Navigating the United Airlines Intranet

Once logged in, United Airlines employees can explore the wealth of information available on the United Intranet. The platform serves as a comprehensive hub for news updates, employee directories, training materials, company policies, and more. It enables employees to stay informed about important developments, promoting a unified understanding of the company's vision and goals.


Collaboration Made Easy

Flying Together has the ability to bring employees from different departments, regions, and even time zones together. With features like instant messaging, discussion boards, and project collaboration tools, employees can easily connect and work collectively on various initiatives. This streamlined approach to collaboration minimizes communication gaps, increases efficiency, and promotes a culture of shared success.


Assistance at Your Fingertips: The Service Desk

The Flying Together platform also includes a dedicated service desk, which provides valuable support to employees. The service desk is always available to assist employees with technical issues, account help, or questions about company benefits. With just a click, employees can access this reliable support system, allowing them to focus on their work while knowing that their inquiries will be quickly and efficiently addressed.


United Flying: Empowering Employee Travel

Flying Together extends beyond the realm of virtual collaboration. United Airlines employees can also enjoy travel privileges through the UAL United program. This program enables employees to experience the joy of air travel firsthand, fostering a deeper connection to the airline and its customers. By providing such benefits, United Airlines creates a sense of pride and loyalty among its employees, leading to a stronger commitment to their work and the company's success.


In conclusion, the Flying Together platform and the United Intranet have become instrumental in creating a cohesive and collaborative environment at United Airlines. By harnessing the power of technology and providing employees with a central hub for communication and resources, the airline has successfully fostered a sense of unity and teamwork among its workforce.

Through the Flying Together platform, United Airlines has extended its reach beyond traditional office walls. Employees from different departments, locations, and time zones can now connect effortlessly, share ideas, and work together on projects. This streamlined approach to collaboration has not only improved efficiency but also encouraged innovation and cross-functional cooperation.

Moreover, the United Intranet serves as a vital source of information and knowledge. Employees can stay up-to-date with company news, access training materials, and understand the vision and goals. This centralized hub of information ensures that all employees are on the same page, promoting a unified understanding of the company's direction and values.

The inclusion of United Pass Riders in the Flying Together platform further enhances the sense of community within the organization. By allowing friends and family of employees to have a glimpse into the airline industry, United Airlines fosters a deeper appreciation for the work its employees do. This inclusion not only strengthens bonds between employees and their loved ones but also creates a support network that can contribute to overall employee satisfaction and engagement.

Lastly, the United Flying program extends travel privileges to employees, allowing them to experience the company's services firsthand. By offering this special perk, United Airlines not only motivates its employees but also nurtures a stronger bond and sense of pride in their work. When employees have the chance to travel with the airline, they gain valuable insights into its operations, customer experience, and brand, reinforcing their dedication to providing exceptional service.

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