Enjoy Delta Wifi: All You Need to Know About the In-Flight Experience

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Whether you are on a short domestic flight or a long-haul journey, settling down in your seat with your device or laptop to catch up on your emails, write out a proposal or catch up on your latest binge-watch is a terrific way to make use of your travel time. But to do this you're going to need wifi! Below we'll tell you everything you need to know about Delta Wifi and how to use it on your next flight.

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Is there Wifi on Delta Flights?

Yes, you can get wifi on over 250 Delta airline routes. The wifi service provides internet access to passengers through Intelsat or Viasat and has spent 2022 upgrading its fleets with high-speed internet. By the start of 2023, Wifi on most Delta domestic flights will be able to provide you with a high-quality, state-of-the-art, and speedy connection which is double the speed that was available in 2019.

Wifi on Delta airlines will support the streaming of videos and you should be able to connect to the onboard wifi with your laptop, smartphone, or tablet with no trouble from the start to the end of the journey.

Messaging apps and social media platforms such as WhatsApp, Facebook, and iMessage are available on Delta wifi and you will be able to stream movies, Tv shows, and games during your flight.


Is Delta Wifi Free?

From February of this year, wifi on Delta will be free on the majority of domestic flights. The airline is still in the process of updating its fleet, with an aim to supply free Delta wifi on over 700 Delta planes, so experiences will vary until then.

For flights that don't offer free Wi fi, you will need to pay for a Wifi pass for the flight. If the plane is using Viasat internet you will need to pay $5 per device being used. If the aircraft has Intelsat internet, you will be charged a rate of $7 for one hour.

If you have a Delta SkyMiles account you will have access to free internet on select planes with a Viasat connection.

Sprint Max and T-Mobile Magenta Max account holders will also be able to use the wifi available in Delta air lines for free to enhance their onboard experience at no extra cost.

Sprint One and Magenta account holders can have free access to four wifi sessions each year and have free unlimited texting.

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What are Delta Airlines Wifi Subscriptions?

If you often fly with Delta for business or vacations, you may find it works out cheaper to pay for a Delta Wifi subscription plan. There are currently two plans on offer:


Delta Wifi Monthly Plan for Domestic Flights costing $49.95.

This plan will give you access to Wifi on Delta domestic flights as well as flights back and forth from Mexico and Canada.


Delta Wifi Monthly Plan for Global Flights costing $69.95.

This monthly subscription will allow you access Wifi on delta Airlines journeys all over the globe. Both subscriptions can be canceled at any time and will allow you access to the Viasat or Intelsat internet available on your flight.


Can You Get a Day Pass for Wifi on Delta Airlines?

Another you could make accessing Delta wifi services more cost-effective is to get a North America Day Pass which will give you a united amount of access on domestic routes for up to 24 hours. This $19 wi fi pass can prove particularly cost-effective if you have two or three connecting flights within 24 hours.

You will only be able to access the internet on flight wi fi provided by Intelsat. Once you buy the pass you have 12 months to use it before it becomes void.


How Do You Buy a Delta Day Pass for Wi fi Services?

To purchase a Delta Wifi Day pass you will need to log into an Intelsat account and pay for your pass. Then once you are aboard you need to choose the "Gogo in-flight" wireless network and open up your internet browser.

Log into your Intelsat account and you will be able to begin enjoying wifi at 30,000 feet!


How to Connect to Delta Wifi Services when Onboard Your Flight?

Once you are settled in your seat, you can use the below steps to connect to Delta wifi:

  • Put your tablet or smartphone on Airplane mode to begin with.
  • Your next step is to connect to the "DeltaWifi.com" network.
  • After this, you will be redirected to the Delta Wifi Portal.
  • If the page doesn't load immediately, then you need to type the address "deltawifi.com" into the browser.
  • Once the portal has loaded you can purchase the Wifi pass you need for your flight.


How to Connect to Delta Wifi With T Mobile?

T mobile customers who are eligible for free services for Delta wifi should follow these sites once they are aboard the flight:

  • Put your smartphone into Airplane mode.
  • Check your phone setting to make sure that you have "Wi-fi calling" enabled.
  • Choose Delta's Wifi Network and wait for the Perk popup to arrive.
  • If you don't see anything then type "wifionboard.com" into your phone browser and select the perk titled "In-Flight Connection On Us!"
  • Input your account number.
  • Choose the "get Wi-Fi and Texting" option.
  • Start enjoying free wifi and texting during your flight!


Takeaway - Enjoy Delta Wifi: All You Need to Know About the In-Flight Experience

An increasing amount of Delta flights offer free wifi and that is only set to increase over the year! If you are lucky, the next time you get onto a Delta flight you will be able to enjoy free wifi as a matter of course.

However, if you are booked on a flight that has not been updated yet, you will need to pay to use Delta Wifi. Depending upon the length of your flight and how often you fly with this major US airline, an hourly Wi Fi pass, a daily pass, or a monthly subscription are available.

Make sure to research your options before your flight and you should be able to spend your time in the air catching up on emails or the latest episode of Stranger Things using Delta Wifi!

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