Where Can You Cruise Without a Passport?

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It is always best to travel abroad with a passport. But if you are currently without one because you have mislaid it or are still waiting for your documents and passport card to arrive in the mail - that does not mean you cannot book yourself a dream vacation on a cruise.

There are many exotic, hot, and beautiful locations where you can book a no-passport cruise with little fuss or effort. You only need to be a US citizen and have proof of your ID and citizenship, and you can get started booking your next vacation today! Simply read our guide to booking a cruise without a passport below, pick your next vacation destination, and start booking!

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How Can You GO on a Cruise with No Passport?

So how exactly can you go on a cruise without a passport? And where can you go as a United States citizen on a no-passport cruise?

Well, according to the Western Hemisphere Travel Initiative, you enjoy a vacation on a cruise ship as long as you have a government-issued photo ID as well as proof of your US citizenship and book a cruise that adheres to the below regulations:

You can take a round trip or a closed-loop cruise that leaves from US cruise ports and arrives back at the same destination


Which cruises do not qualify as no-passport cruises?

  • One-way cruise sailings from US cruise ports and visiting foreign territories do not qualify
  • A cruise from a US port to a foreign port will not allow you to board without a passport


Where Can You Go on a Cruise Without a Passport?

So, where exactly can you head on a no-passport cruise? Several destinations fall within the regulations detailed above and can provide a fantastic vacation experience.


You Can Take an Alaska Cruise Without a Passport

The beautiful state of Alaska is a wonderful place to head to on a cruise with no passport. This cruise destination will allow you to enjoy shore excursions to charming coastal locations, enjoy fantastic seafood options, enjoy adventure sports, and see stunning wildlife and scenery.

To book a no-passport cruise to Alaska, you should look for round trip and closed loop cruises that leave from US ports, such as LA, Long Beach, San Francisco, or Seattle. s These cruises typically last about a week but can be as short as four days or stretch to a fortnight.


Can you Cruise Without A Passport to the Caribbean?

When it comes to taking dream vacations, a Caribbean cruise tops the list for many. With world-famous beaches, crystal clear waters, vibrant culture, and plenty of entertainment options - the Caribbean is a well-loved tourist hot spot.

Island destinations such as Puerto Rico, St John, and St Thomas are considered US territories, and you will not need a passport to visit them.

And you can take a Caribbean Cruise without a passport to other locations as long as you book a round trip or closed loop sailing from a US cruise port. Many major cruise lines offer Caribbean round-trip cruises, which can last three or four days or extend to a fortnight's travel.

There are plenty of US cruise ports that serve as sailing points for a no-passport cruise to the Caribbean; these include:

  • Miami
  • For Lauderdale
  • New York City
  • Baltimore
  • New Orleans

(Make sure to check your Caribbean destination participates in the Western Hemisphere Travel Initiative before you book!)


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You Can Take a Cruise Without a Passport to Bermuda

The beautiful island of Bermuda boasts stunning sandy beaches, spectacular golf courses, impressive landscapes, and wonderful restaurants. Combined with the gorgeous weather and adherence to the Western Hemisphere Travel Initiative, Bermuda is an extremely popular choice for US tourists looking to cruise without a passport.

You can book a round-trip cruise to Bermuda leaving from US East Coast ports such as Manhattan, Baltimore, and Boston. You may also book a cruise with no passport from Miami, Jacksonville, or Charleston. Spring and Summer are the times to travel if you want to enjoy the best weather.


Can You Take a Cruise Without A Passport to the Bahamas?

You can book a cruise with no passport to the beautiful Bahamas ranging from a short trip of three to five nights to longer cruises of up to two weeks (which take in other Caribbean islands along the way). The ultimate tropical paradise is an easy choice for a cruise destination.

No-passport cruises to the Bahamas leave from US ports such as Jacksonville, Miami, New Orleans, Baltimore, and Fort Lauderdale.


Why Not Take a Cruse With No Passport to Mexico?

You do not require a passport to take a round-trip cruise south to Mexico. As well as famous beaches, amazing food, and incredible culture, you can enjoy exploring ancient Mayan ruins and participating in adventure sports.

You can book a no-passport cruise from US ports such as Miami, Fort Lauderdale, New Orleans, and Tampa, with cruises ranging from three days to a fortnight.


Where Else Can You Cruise Without a Passport?

As well as the cruises detailed above, there are also some picturesque North American destinations to which you can consider taking a no-passport cruise. These include:

  • Hawaii
  • New England
  • Canada


Summary: Where Can You Cruise Without a Passport?

Whether you head on a Caribbean cruise or hop on a cruise ship to a North American location - you can book a cruise with no passport to several areas.

So, if you are worried you cannot enjoy a wonderful vacation this year due to a delay in your travel documents, you do not need to give up hope. Instead, book a cruise without a passport, as detailed above, and you can be on board in no time!


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