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Citi Rewards+ Student Card: Basics

With a whole host of different credit cards available out there, it can be overwhelming when you are applying for your first card. Different cards cater to different people in different financial and lifestyle situations, and it can be hard to pinpoint one that fits you. Thankfully, some student-friendly credit cards on the market have been created to fit cardholders at this stage of life.

If you are a college student looking for your first credit card, the Citi Rewards + card might be the perfect fit. Launched in 2019, the rewards credit card has some notable benefits and features that students will appreciate while neglecting the luxury cards and hefty annual fees of other premium alternatives.

In the article below, we will talk you through all the features and benefits of the Citi Rewards + credit card and help you decide if this is right for you.


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Benefits of the Citi Rewards Plus Student Credit Card?

  • Generous welcome bonus offer that is achievable for students.
  • No Annual Fee for this card.
  • Earn 2x points per dollar on supermarket and gas station spending up to $6,000 annually.
  • Your Citi rewards card
  • Citi Rewards+ Student Card: Basics
  • Points will be rounded up to the nearest ten points for each purchase.
  • Accessible card for those with a limited credit history.
  • Citi Travel Portal Access


Citi Rewards+ Student Credit Card – Why Is This Card a Good Match for Students?

Below we will detail all the features of the card which make it the perfect pick for students looking for their first credit card. Whether this card is the best fit for you will depend on your current spending habits and why you want a credit card.


Spend $1,500 to Unlock the Citi Rewards + Student Credit Card Welcome Bonus

Offering a welcome bonus is not unique to this card, but the achievable spending requirement is. You only need to spend $500 each month for three months using the card to unlock the welcome bonus of 20,000 Citi Rewards Cards Points.

These points have an approximate value of $360 which can be put towards car rentals, hotels, and local attractions booked through the Citi Travel portal. So you could put this towards a road trip home or a much-needed vacation in between terms! And, up until June 2024, you’ll also earn 5x ThankYou points for each dollar spent on your car, hotel, and local attractions bookings made through the Citi travel hub.

And this card has no annual fee! So that’s $360 extra in your pocket with no extra payouts!


Citi Rewards+ Student Credit Card has No Annual Fee

When you are at college, it is natural to want to keep your costs as low as possible, which extends to credit card fees. With the Citi Rewards Plus card, you can access your welcome bonus and benefits without having to payout potentially hundreds of dollars annually in order to use the card.

This makes the Citi Rewards + an excellent match for thrifty undergraduates looking for card benefits that involve as low a cost as possible.


You Can Pair Your Card with Other Citi Credit Cards Later Down the Line

Once you graduate, you may keep the Citi Rewards Plus card in your wallet while applying for a more rewarding card like Citi Premium. You can then transfer the points you earn on your Rewards Plus card onto this new card to access valuable redemption rates with Citi’s airline and hotel transfer partners.

These partners include Emirates Skywards, JetBlue True Blue, and Virgin Atlantic Flying Club.


A Great Credit Card For Students on a Budgets

You can earn 2x Citi Rewards Cards points for each dollar your spend with your card at the bonus categories of supermarkets and gas stations. This is set at a limit of $6,000 a year; this spending limit may not suit someone buying weekly groceries for a family. But frugal living students may not spend more than $500 in supermarkets and gas stations each month, making it an excellent choice for college attendees looking to get value back on their spending.

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Learn more about the importance of budgeting as a student in our personal finance every college grad needs article.


Citi Rewards Cards Points Round Up to the Nearest Ten Points

The round-up feature of using the Citi Rewards Plus card for students is the rounding-up process when it comes to points. So, whereas ordinarily, a $3 purchase of a snack would earn you 3 Citi Rewards card points, your points will be rounded up to 10. And a weekly grocery run of $42 dollars could be rounded up to 50 reward points on your card.

This means you don’t have to spend vast amounts of money to start racking up your rewards points. Great news for students on a budget!


A Great Credit Card for Students with Limited Credit History

Students notoriously find it challenging to pass credit checks with card providers, mainly because they have a limited or non-existent credit history. This creates a bit of a catch-22 situation, where you can’t get a credit card without a credit history and struggle to build a credit history without a card.

Although you will not be guaranteed approval with a limited credit history, you may still be able to access the card and its rewards without an established credit score or history. So this may be a better choice than starter cards, which don’t let you build up points and rewards immediately.


Takeaway - Citi Rewards+ Student Card Review

If you are a student just starting out and applying for your first credit card, the Citi Rewards Plus card could be the perfect fit. With eligible purchases at grocery stores and gas station purchases, you can start building up points to earn discounts on car rentals, hotel stays, and attractions. This makes it stand out against other start cards for those with minimal credit history, which offer less opportunity to get some value back on your spending.

Think about your budgets, spending habits, and how you can benefit from the rewards of the Citi Rewards+ card. This will help you decide if this is the right student credit card.

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