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A Guide to Capital One Transfer Partners

Using a Capital One Card to pay toward your next vacation or trip can be a fantastic way to make your spending that little bit more cost-effective. When you build up your Capital One Transferable points you will be able to transfer them to a wide variety of different airlines and hotel chains.

But exactly where can you spend your points in 2022? And what is the points ratio with each partner? Read below to discover everything you need to know in our Guide to Capital One Transfer Partners.

What are Capital One Transferable Points?

The transferable points you build up on a Capital One Credit Card can be transferred to a variety of different travel partners who are allied with the credit card company. This gives capital One Credit Card users a much wider choice when it comes to transferring and making use of their points for their next flight or hotel stay.

This gives it one distinct advantage over other branded travel credit card issuers which limit your spending to a particular airline and a small selection of partners.

Capital One currently partners with eighteen different partner airlines and hotel chains. Scroll below to discover where you can transfer your Capital One Points in 2022.

(Please note that the list of Partners below represents the allied partners of Capital One and is not necessarily approved or otherwise endorsed by this website. When transferring your points Capital One and Partner Brand terms apply.)

Capital One Mileage Transfer Partners in 2022.

What is a points transfer ratio?

When you look at the Capital One Milage Transfer Partners detailed below, you will need to know what the transfer ratio means. This will help you to make an informed decision about which partners you should use to get the most out of your points and get the most airline miles for your spending.

  • If you see a ratio of 1:1 this means your Capital One points will stand as one point with the partner as well.
  • A less favorable ratio may be 2:1, whereby you would need two Capital one points to make up one point with the partner.


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Capital One Mileage Transfer Partners 2022

Capital One Transfer partners with a Ratio of 1:1

These Transfer Partners will offer you a straight transfer of one Capital One Point for One point on their Loyalty and Membership Schemes. You can use these to go towards flights and hotel stays with the following chains and airlines.

Asia Miles

  • Move to Cathay Pacific's Flyer Loyalty Scheme for points and miles.
  • Transfer Ratio of 1:1

British Airways Executive Club

  • Pay towards your next trip with the airline by using British Airways Avios Executive Club points.
  • Transfer Ratio of 1:1

Emirates Skywards

  • Turn your Capital One milage Transfer Points into points with the UAE Airline.
  • Transfer Ratio of 1:1

Qantas Frequent Flyer

  • Make the most of your points with the Australian Airline's Loyalty Scheme.
  • Transfer Ratio of 1:1

Aero Mexico

  • For travel between the US and Mexico travel destinations.
  • Transfer Ratio of 1:1

Choice Privileges

  • Move your points over to the Hotel Chain's Reward Scheme.
  • Transfer Ratio of 1:1

Air Canada Aeroplan

  • Transfer your points to the Canadian Airline's Frequent Flyer Program.
  • Transfer Ration of 1:1

Virgin Red

  • Move your points over to earn miles with the British Airline Carrier
  • Transfer Ratio of 1:1

Finnair Plus

  • Transfer your miles to this Finnish Airline to enjoy their loyalty points and miles
  • Transfer Ratio of 1:1

Singapore Airlines

  • Use your points to book travel with this award-winning airline.
  • Transfer Ratio of 1:1

Avianca Life Miles

  • Put your points towards the Columbian Airlines frequent Flyer Scheme.
  • Transfer Ratio of 1:1

Etihad Guest

  • Another option for transferring your Capital one points to a UAE airline.
  • Transfer Ratio of 1:1

Flying Blue

  • Use your points in the Loyalty Program of Air France and KLM.
  • Transfer Ratio of 1:1

TAP Portugal Miles & Go

  • Gain some miles with the Portuguese Airline Loyalty scheme.
  • Transfer Ratio of 1:1

Turkish Airlines

  • Fly on this great value airline by transferring your Capital One points
  • Transfer Ratio of 1:1

Wyndham Rewards

  • Spend your Capital One Points on your next Hotel Stay by transferring your points to the chain’s loyalty scheme.
  • Transfer Ratio of 1:1

Capital One Transfer partners with other Transfer Ratios.

Although the majority of partners offer a 1:1 ratio, the below partners offer slightly less advantageous transfer ratios. However, you may still find that you want to make use of your points to contribute towards travel with the following.

EVA Infinity Mileage lands

  • Move your points over to the Loyalty Scheme of the Taiwan Airline
  • Transfer Ratio of 2:1.5 (You will need two Capital One points to make up one and a half for this scheme.)

ALL Accor Live Limitless

  • Luxury lifestyle and Hotel Loyalty Program in Europe and the Middle East.
  • Transfer Ration of 2:1 (Two of your Capital One points will make up one All Accor Point)

As you can see there is a wide range of Airline Characters and Hotel Chains to which you can transfer your Capital One points to. So, the card is a great choice if you want to build up some travel points with a little more flexibility than you would get with Airline Credit Card options. But how exactly do you transfer your Capital One Transfer Partner Points?

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How Can You Transfer Capital One Transfer Partner Points?

When you have built up enough points with your card. The process of transferring the points you have built up on one or more of your Capital One Credit Cards is very simple. Just follow the steps that we have outlined below, and you will soon be enjoying free or discounted flights and hotel stays!

  1. Log into your Capital One Account on the Website or Log into your Mobile App.
  2. Head to the rewards page and follow the simple onscreen prompts to select your transfer preferences
  • After the transfer has been confirmed, keep a record of the confirmation code of the transfer.

Takeaway - A Guide to Capital One Transfer Partners

Capital One has been steadily building up its portfolio of transfer partners in airline and hotel chains. They now offer a large and varied range of airline carriers and hotel chains offering advantageous transfer ratios for your next travel booking. In choosing to build up your points with Capital One over using a branded Airline Credit Card, you will be selecting one of the more flexible travel points credit cards.