Capital One Biz Cards: Miles & Cash, Big Spender Bonuses

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Capital One has recently injected some pep into the business card scene by revising the welcome offers for two of its popular choices: the Capital One Venture X Business and the Capital One Spark Cash Plus. These changes translate to easier-to-reach introductory bonuses for most businesses, while still offering enticing rewards for high spenders.

Capital One Venture X Rewards Credit Card

Best for Travel

Intro offer

75,000 Bonus Miles

Annual Fee


Recommended Credit


75,000 Bonus Miles

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Venturing into Easier Miles

The Capital One Venture X Business, known for its hefty travel rewards, has lowered the bar for snagging its 150,000-mile bonus. Previously, you needed to conquer a $30,000 spending hurdle within three months. Now, you can claim those miles by swiping just $20,000 in the same timeframe. This shift makes the initial reward much more attainable for a wider range of businesses.

Here's how the new and old welcome offers compare:

However, for the truly adventurous spenders, there's still a hidden treasure chest of 150,000 additional miles. But be warned, it requires scaling a $100,000 spending Everest within six months.

Remember, the Venture X packs a $395 annual fee, but it also throws in a $300 travel credit and 10,000 bonus miles, effectively chipping away at the fee and boosting your travel fund.


Sparking Increased Cash Back

Looking for cold, hard cash instead of miles? The Capital One Spark Cash Plus has your back, and its welcome offer just got a bit warmer. You can now earn $1,500 after conquering a $20,000 spending peak in three months, compared to the previous $1,200 for $30,000. This boost makes the initial reward more appealing for everyday business expenses.

Let's compare the cash-back bonanzas:

The Spark Cash Plus also holds a secret stash of $1,500 extra cash, but just like the Venture X, reaching it requires conquering that same $100,000 Mount Spendmore within six months.

For everyday purchases, the Spark Cash Plus shines with its 2% flat cash back, but it also offers a sweet 5% back on hotels and rental cars booked through Capital One Travel. The $150 annual fee can be waived if you reach a $150,000 spending milestone in a year, making it a potentially fee-free cash-back companion.



The Final Verdict

These revamped offers bring a wave of opportunity for businesses of all sizes. Both cards reward easier-to-reach initial bonuses, making them more accessible than ever. However, the additional rewards hidden behind the $100,000 spending wall are strictly for the big spenders.

If you're a business with regular expenses that fall into the $20,000 range, either card can be a smart choice. The Venture X shines for travel enthusiasts, while the Spark Cash Plus caters to those who appreciate cold, hard cash back. Consider your spending patterns and travel goals before choosing your champion.

Remember, tax season is approaching, and these cards offer strategic opportunities to rack up rewards on those quarterly payments.

So, whether you're a miles maven or a cash connoisseur, take a closer look at Capital One's updated business card bonanza. You might just find your perfect business partner in rewards.

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