Can You Combine Travel Points From Different Credit Cards?

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If you have spent the past year using the best credit cards to get points for travel, you may have found that you have collected up a whole bunch of different point levels on different cards. Discovering how to combine credit card points for travel can seem like an impossible and overwhelming task as each provider has it/s own rules and policies.

Some card issuers will allow you to combine your travel rewards points meaning you can consolidate what you have built up on different accounts and get more money off your next vacation. However, because of the different redemption policies that each travel rewards credit card offers, choosing the best way to make the most of your points can be difficult.

To help you make the best and most beneficial decisions, we have pulled together a collection of the rules about how to combine credit card points for travel. Read below to discover the current regulation on the best premium travel credit cards.


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Why Should You Combine Points on the Best Travel Credit Cards?

Before we go into detail about how to combine credit card points on travel, you may be wondering why you need to do this. If you have used the best premium travel credit cards throughout the year, you may be able to make more of your points and even change the purpose of the points you have collected.

Depending on the options that travel credit cards offer, you may be able to:


Streamline and Organize Your Travel Points Collection

If you have been using more than one of the best credit cards to get points for travel, when it comes to spending it is a lot easier to consolidate your points into one or two accounts. You'll be able to get a more accurate picture of exactly how many points you have and what they are all worth when collected together before you buy your tickets.


Redeem your travel points at a high value than the card they were collected on

You may find that if you transfer points from one travel card to another, they will be valued higher. Chase credit card points for travel are a notable example of this! If you collect your points on a Chase Sapphire Preferred Card and then transfer and redeem them on a Chase Sapphire Reserve Card you find their redemption value has jumped 50%!


Allow Someone Else To Spend Your Points

If you and other members of your household are using different options of the best credit cards to get points for travel, you may be able to combine all your points by transferring them to one person's account.


Top Up A Different Balance with the Points Left Over on a Different Card

Have you recently spent your travel points on flights and airport lounge access and discovered you have a few hundred or a thousand points left? You can move them to another card to top up your points there and ensure they don't go to waste.


Repurpose Your Points

Use the points you have built up on various cash-back credit cards and transfer them to an account with can be used to fund your next flight or vacation. For example, you can use the points you collect on a Citi Double Cash Card and then convert them to travel points using their Thank You Points Scheme.


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How to Combine Credit Card Points for Travel

Below you will discover the rules on how to combine points on the below:

  • How to combine credit card points for travel on a card from American Express.
  • How to combine Capital One with the best Premium Travel Credit Cards.
  • The best way to combine your Chase Credit Card Points for Travel.
  • How to combine the best premium travel credit cards with Wells Fargo Travel Points.
  • The rules for combining travel credits on Bank of America Cards.
  • Consolidating your Citi Travel Points with other travel rewards cards.


Combining Amex Card Points for Travel

You cannot transfer your collected Amex rewards points into a different account, or an account that belongs to another person.

However, you can use points collected on some business Amex Express credit cards to collect Membership Rewards which can be collected into one of your accounts. But the value of these points can vary based on the card, and what you can redeem them against can also differ.


How to Combine Credit Card Points for Travel with Capital One

If you have more than one Capital one account, you can transfer points to pool your resources. You can transfer the points you have collected on your Capital One Spark for Miles account to your Venture Rewards card and vice versa.

You will also be able to move your Capital One cash rewards into a Capital One Travel account to contribute towards your next booking.


Combining Chase Credit Card Points for Travel

Chase bank allows you to transfer points you have collected on their cards so you can consolidate and have a clear idea of your total points in the Chase Ultimate Rewards Points Scheme. As we mentioned above, you can use this to transfer points to a card that offers a higher redemption value.

You are also allowed to transfer your points to the account of another household member if you are looking to pool points for family travel purchased through Chase.


Combining Points and Miles with your Wells Fargo Card

If you have collected points on multiple Wells Fargo cards in your name, they will automatically be transferred to one Wells Fargo Rewards account. If you have a Wells Fargo Visa Signature Card (not open to new applicants,), you can use this to redeem collected points at a value of 1.5 cents per point. The same points are usually worth 1 cent on other Wells Fargo accounts.


Get the Best Travel Rewards on your Bank of America Points

You can consolidate your reward points collected on the different bank of America cards but won't be able to pool both cash back and points into one account. So, you can combine your cash back collected on different accounts, and reward points on different accounts but you can't combine these into one overall total.


How to Combine Credit Card points for travel on Citi Bank Accounts

You can convert your Citi Cash Back Rewards into Thank You Points so they can be used to spend on travel with your other collected points. You can transfer these at a rate of 100 points per dollar.

You can also transfer up to 100,000 points in your Thank You account with another person who has an account. However, you should note that although cash rewards won't expire, the transferred points will be out of date 90 days from the date of transfer.


Summary: Can You Combine Travel Points from Different Credit Cards?

Learning how to combine credit card points for travel can help you to make sure that you are making the most of your collected points and enjoying the best discounts on your next travel booking. As you can see above, the rules and regulations for transferring points differ according to the cards you are using.

However, if you learn how to combine credit card points for travel and the most effective ways to use your points, you'll be able to enjoy the best possible discounts on your travel this year.

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