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What's The Best Credit Card with Travel Insurance 2022?

Credit card companies are operating in an increasingly competitive world. As more and more competition arrives on the internet, card providers are finding they have to offer increasingly attractive benefits packages to get customers to look their way.

Some of the most effective perks packages credit card companies offer are those related to travel. With these benefits you can find yourself racking up airline miles every time you shop, gaining access to airport lounges to wait in, getting a membership to security prechecks, and benefiting from travel insurance.

Below we will show you our top picks for the Credit Cards with the best Travel Insurance in 2022.


What are the benefits of travel insurance?

Why is travel insurance such a great travel rewards credit card benefit? Well travel insurance will give you great peace of mind the next time you travel and will be a fantastic help if you run into any issues such as:

  • Needing Emergency Medical Care
  • Medical Emergency Transportation Requirements
  • Coverage for having to cancel your flights and trip.
  • Reimbursement for luggage that is lost and stolen on your trip.

But which credit card in 2022, offers the best travel insurance benefits? Read below to find out!


What's The Best Credit Card with Travel Benefits and Insurance 2022?

Below we will talk you through our top picks if you are looking for a credit card with travel insurance. These cards offer insurance on a wide variety of travel-related items, such as baggage loss, insurance on canceled travel, and coverage for delayed flights. Which card is best for you will be decided by your needs and which types of insurance you consider the most important.



Delta SkyMiles Reserve American Express Credit Card with Travel Insurance Offers:

  • Canceled trip insurance
  • Trip delay and interruption coverage.
  • Coverage on your baggage.
  • Rental Car Secondary Insurance on Damage and Loss.

You will also benefit from 100,000-mile points after you spend $5,000 within the first three months from account opening. You will also get 3-mile points per dollar you spend with Delta and 1-mile points per 1 spent on other purchases.

Cardholders also benefit from credit for Global Entry and TSA Precheck, 20% cashback on your inflight purchases, priority upgrade and your first bag checked in free.


Chase Sapphire Reserve Travel Credit Cards Offer:

  • Medical Expense Cover
  • Trip Cancellation Coverage.
  • Cover for lost and damaged luggage
  • Insurance for delayed luggage
  • Car rental Insurance.
  • Delayed trip coverage (after 6 hours)

You will also benefit from earning 10 points for every dollar you spend on travel purchased through chase including car rentals and hotels after you initially spend $300. You will also be able to stay at Priority Pass airport lounges and will have your TSA Precheck or Global Entry fee reimbursed when you use the card to pay.


Capital One Venture X Rewards Credit Card with Travel Insurance:

  • Cover on travel cancellations
  • Trip delay coverage.
  • Insurance on damages or lost luggage.
  • Car Rental Insurance Coverage.
  • Delayed baggage cover.

This card also offers 10 bonus miles per dollar on hotels and cars booked through Capital One Travel. Flights booked with Capital One Travel will net your a further five miles on every dollar you spend. You also get a $300 Travel credit to redeem on Capital One's travel portal and 10,000 bonus points for each year you have the card. Cardholders also enjoy using Priority Pass lounges and will have their TSA Precheck and Global Entry fees paid back on the card.


United Club Infinite Card Travel Rewards Credit Card Includes:

  • Trip Cancellation Coverage.
  • Cover for lost and damaged luggage
  • Insurance for delayed luggage
  • Car rental Insurance.
  • Delayed trip coverage (after 6 hours)

You will also be able to gain access to the Chase United Club Lounge and invite two guests along. If you use Star Alliance flights you can also use the Star Alliance lounges on the day of your flight. This card also gives you priority boarding and check-in with Premier Acesss. Your Global Entry and TSA Precechkl membership will be repaid and you get two free checked bags when flying with United.


Chase Sapphire Preferred Card Travel Rewards Credit Card

  • Canceled trip insurance
  • Delayed trip coverage
  • Insurance on damaged and lost luggage.
  • Delayed luggage insurance.
  • Insurance on rental cars booked.


You can earn 5 reward points on each dollar you spend on travel through Chase Ultimate Rewards. Other travel purchases will net you 2 points per dollar you spend. You can transfer these points to various airline loyalty schemes and hotel reward memberships.

If you do your research and pick your credit cards right you could save yourself the trouble of having to arrange separate travel insurance when you travel. But you should always be careful to read the terms and conditions before assuming you know exactly what is covered in each insurance package. You don't want to find yourself stranded at an airport after a canceled flight with lost baggage and no coverage at all!

Chase Sapphire Preferred® Card

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Does Your Current Card have Travel insurance?

Before you decide to switch credit cards, it may be best to check to see if you currently have travel insurance benefits with your current card which you are not benefiting from. Finding out the type of travel insurance you currently have is a very simple procedure.

Just look on the back of your card or check your credit card provider's website for their customer service number. When you call, give them your account details and ask for a breakdown of the travel insurance benefits you currently have access to.


Takeaway - What's The Best Credit Card with Travel Insurance 2022?

When looking for the best credit card with travel benefits and insurance, you will find there is a surprising range of cards with offer favorable coverage. We have chosen the cards which we believe offer the best range of benefits relative to their relative Annual fees and associated costs.

Why not do some more research on our recommendations? We are sure that amongst our list you will soon be able to find the best credit card with travel insurance for you.

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