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Benefits of Amex Platinum that are Worth the Annual Fee

The benefits of Amex Platinum cards are already known as being some of the best around, with access to discounts and offers some of the most prestigious brands around. Almost as well known is the Annual Fee Amex Platinum card holder pay, which currently stands at $695.

This fee may seem pretty steep to those not using the card, but American Express Platinum Card Holders are pretty confident that the benefits the card offers more than cover the cost.

Below we will look at the Top Benefits of Amex Platinum that are Worth the Annual Fee.


What is the American Express Platinum Card?

The American Express Platinum Card is one of the most prestigious and premium cards on the market with a ream of entertainment credits, discounts on travel purchases, access to centurion lounges, and annual statement credits which can be spent on many prestigious partner brands.

American Express® Platinum Card

Best for Experienced Users

Intro offer

100,000 points

Annual Fee


Recommended Credit


100,000 points

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Here is our pick of the top benefits of Amex Platinum Card Ownership.


Generous Welcome Points offer When You are Accepted for the Platinum Card

When you are accepted and given a new American Express Platinum Card you will immediately be welcomed with a generous 100,000 Amex Membership Reward Points when you spend your first $6,000 within six months of owning the card. The point per dollar value will depend upon the discount, membership, and loyalty schemes you choose to spend them on.

You will also get one point for every other dollar you spend and five points for each dollar you spend on flights and hotels using the Amex Travel booking service.


Benefit when Booking Flights and Hotels with American Express Travel

You will also be able to get $200 worth of points to spend every year on the Fine Hotels, and Luxury Resorts offered by Amex Travel when you spend more than two nights at the location. To take advantage of this offer you will need to book with American Express Travel using your Amex Platinum Credit Card.

You will also be able to get up to $200 in airport credits which you can put towards getting your bags checked and paying for in-flight drinks and refreshments. To take advantage of this credit you must make sure that you are spending with a single airline and using your Amex Platinum card to do so.

You will also be able to benefit from 5 points with every dollar you spend on airline travel and prepaid hotels you book with American Express travel. You can also get $2 on other travel spending booked through Amex travel.



American Express Platinum Card Concierge Service.

This excellent and convenient service definitely helps to cover the platinum card from American Express annual fee. You will gain access day or night to assistance for your personal, travel, and other Amex card-related needs. Please note that although the service is complimentary with the cards, further costs may apply according to your requests and related expenditures.


$300 Credit to Spend on Cruises

By using your Amex Platinum Card to book a five-night or more cruise with Amex Travel, you will get $300 worth of shipboard credit to spend while you are aboard.


Access to Centurion Lounges, American Express Lounges, and Delta Sky Clubs

Amex Platinum Card ownership will allow you to access these exclusive lounges the next time you are at the airport as long as you have previously enrolled in their membership schemes. Also included are Airspace Lounges, Escape Lounges, and Priority Pass Select.


Your Annual Clear Membership Is Covered

You will receive $189 in clear credit which will pay for your annual Clear membership so that you can save time and bypass security checks in participating airports, venues, and sports stadiums.


Money back on your TSA Precheck and Global Entry Memberships

Every five years you will get a statement credit of $100 on your Global Entry membership payments and every four and a half years you will get a credit of $85 on TSA Precheck.


Enjoy Marriot Bonvoy Gold Elite Status & Hilton Honors Gold Status

Male the most of your travel purchases by using your Amex Platinum card membership to enjoy perks such as enhanced check-in, late checkout, premium wi-fi, room upgrades, hotel bonus points, and even complimentary nights when you meet the required terms and conditions.


Benefits on Fine Hotels and Resorts

Enjoy room upgrades, late checkout, beverage credit of $100 worth, free Wi-Fi, and other amenities when you used your card to book at the resorts or the hotels.


Uber VIP Status and Monthly Uber Cash Credit

You will be Automatically Enrolled in Uber's VIP Status meaning you will access the highest-rated drivers in your area. You will also receive $15 worth of Uber credit monthly. To access this you need to set up your Amex Platinum card as your payment method on the app.


Get Equinox Credits worth $25 Each Month!

Get $25 credit each month to put towards using the excellent Equinox App. Seeing as app membership usually costs $39.99 per month, this will build up as a substantial saving over the year.


Credit with Saks Fifth Avenue

You will receive up to $100 credit with Saks Fifth Avenue to apply to purchases you make either online or in-store. Your credits will be broken up into several $50 credits you will receive throughout the year.


Summary - Benefits of Amex Platinum that are Worth the Annual Fee

As you can see above there are a wealth of valuable and otherwise expensive benefits which you will access when you use the card. Whether the annual fee Amex Platinum Card holders pay is worth it depends upon your lifestyle.

If you travel often, making use of flights, hotels, resorts, airport lounges, and uber frequently, then these benefits should more than cover the cost you are paying each year.

However, if the services offered don't fit in with where you generally tend to spend your money, then you should perhaps consider a different card more suited to your lifestyle, routine and regular spending habits.

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