Are Flights Cheaper On Friday the 13th?

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Are you on the hunt for cheap flight tickets for your next vacation? One of the best ways to find cheap flights is to book on Friday the 13th. But is this true?

And when did this rumor first begin circling among travel hackers?

Read below to learn everything you need to know about this method for getting the best flight deals.


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Why do People Think You Can Get Cheap Flights Anywhere on Friday the 13th?

This particular travel hack rumor emanates from a 2017 KAYAK study which found that flying on a Friday, the 13th flight could be between 10 and 40% cheaper than the average ticket price for that month.

This was supposed to be because travelers were wary of flying on the notoriously unlucky day, and airlines lowered prices on this date as a result.


Is it Easier to Find Cheap Flights on Friday the 13th?

According to Travel Pirates and Lonely Planet researchers, this is, unfortunately, a travel myth. Judging flights from New York and Los Angeles, London to New York, and Sydney to Melbourne, amongst others - researchers found that prices were no lower on flight search engines and, in some cases, were more expensive.

Friday is one of the most popular days to travel, so prices are raised due to demand. So, there may be better ways to find the best flight deals than flying on Friday the 13th, despite the rumors you may have heard. And booking in the middle of the week when demand is lower is a much more reliable way to access the lowest prices for your flights.

It may have once been confirmed that you could get cheap flights anywhere on Friday the 13th a few years ago, but that doesn't hold anymore. But if you are looking for the best flight deals, there are still some travel hacks you can use to access cheap flight tickets!

Below we will tell you some quick and easy-to-action ways to access cheap airline tickets without booking flights on the unluckiest day of the year!


Top 5 Travel Hacks to Get the Best Flight Deals Next Time You Travel

Book Your Next Flight on a Tuesday or Wednesday

As we discussed above, far from being cheaper to fly on Friday the 13th, it is usually more expensive. So, you can avoid paying high flight prices by booking your flight, so it falls on a Tuesday or Wednesday. There is generally less demand for airline seats, and airlines will lower costs due to the drop in orders. You can even access exceptional deals and discounts to drum up business these days.

If you need to travel on the weekend, booking on a Saturday rather than Friday can help you find cheap flights anywhere. As the majority of people traveling for the weekend prefer to leave on a Friday.


Keep an Eye Out for Airline Error Fares to Get the Best Flight Deals

One of the best ways to find the cheapest flights is to keep an eye out for error fares to your intended travel destinations.

An error fare occurs when an airline incorrectly issues a ticket with an accidentally discounted price. This can result in you saving hundreds or thousands of dollars on occasion!

So rather than rely on discovering cheap airfare available on Friday the 13th, you should sign up for error fare trackers such as Secret Flying and FlightsFinder.


Take Advantage of the 24-Hour Grace Period To Secure Cheap Flight Tickets

If you discover a good deal, you need to take advantage of it and book on the spot! It may feel scary, but the price could change or sell out at any moment!" Thankfully, you can take advantage of a 24-hour grace period when booking your flights, allowing you to cancel your tickets with no penalty.

So, if you change your mind or find a better deal, you can cancel your tickets without financial repercussions.


Set a Notification for Cheaper Google Flights

If you need help finding cheap flight tickets to your intended destination on Google Flights, you can set up an alert that will notify you when a reasonable ticket price comes up. This will ensure you get all the deals and save you time on a daily search for cheap flights to your final destination.

Be Prepared to Travel to Another Airport for your Departing Flight

One of the most critical hacks when you want to book cheap flights is to be flexible. And this doesn't only extend to your dates. If you are prepared to travel to other airports to begin your flight, you can access the lowest price to your destination.

However, remember that when you calculate your savings, you include the extra travel costs involved in reaching the airport, to begin with.


Summary - Are Flights Cheaper on Friday the 13th?

So, booking a flight for Friday the 13th may not be the best way to access cheap flight tickets! But that doesn't mean you have to give up on the hunt to find cheap flights for your next vacation or business trip.

Follow our tips above to discover the best flight deals by booking departure dates on a weekday, looking out for error fares, and setting alerts to be notified immediately when cheaper flights come up. You can consider whether traveling to an airport a little further away makes more sense regarding your travel budget.

Stay flexible and open to opportunities and discover plenty of ways to book cheap flights anywhere that don't involve flying on Friday the 13th!

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