Are Budget Airlines Safe? - The Facts

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With airlines still recovering from travel shutdowns and staff shortages, the current upsurge in oil prices, and the current high demand for tickets from travelers keen to explore after years of being shut away - airline prices have skyrocketed.

This has caused many more passengers to turn to budget air carriers to cut their travel costs.

But many travelers worry about which airlines are safest and whether US airline safety might be related to the cost of their ticket. There is undoubtedly a public perception that higher-priced airlines are the safest way to travel.

Are you worried about booking with a budget airline? Do you question "Is Frontier airline safe?" when deciding whether to book a cheaper ticket? Are you worried that the cheapest airline may also be the airline with the worst safety record?

Below we will look at whether Budget Airlines are safe and whether cheaper air carriers have worse aviation safety records than those offering mainstream airlines flights. So, let's get started!


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Are Budget Airlines Safe?

Yes, budget airlines are safe. Booking with a budget airline doesn't mean you are booking with a carrier an airline worst safety record. Cheap flights do not automatically mean that an airline is cutting costs when it comes to US airline safety. No does spending $150 more on a seat mean you are any safer once both planes get in the air.

In fact, several factors should reassure you regarding why flying is so safe with budget air carriers!


Why Flying is So Safe With Budget Airlines:

Budget Air Lines Tend to Have Newer Planes

Budget air carriers are a relatively new phenomenon, most budget airlines have only been around for a decade or so. And this means they are more likely to have newer airplane models in their fleet. Newer planes come with quicker and more reliable technology and improved safety mechanisms and features!


Most Budget Airlines Have One Plane Model Meaning Streamlined and Effective Safety Checks

Along with having new plane models, it is also likely that the budget airline has invested in a fleet of one model of plane. This contrasts with a wide range of models of different ages and specifications which can be found in the fleet of older airlines.

For example, alit of budget carriers across the globe have fleets of newer Boeing 737 models. This means that their safety and repair teams will have developed the expertise and experience to be experts in safety checks and repairs for this model. They will be able to devote all of their learning and work to ensuring this particular model is running at its best rather than having to split time and knowledge between a variety of different types of aircraft.


It is Essential That They Maintain a Flawless US Safety Record

When you ask which airlines are safest, chances are people will mention the mainstream, higher-priced airlines. And if you ask, "Is Frontier Airline safe?", chances are people will be a little more uncertain. The idea that the airline worst safety records are linked to the cheapest tickets does not seem to fade away.

Because of this, budget airlines are very aware of having to maintain excellent US airline safety records to forest public perception. Any airline disaster could potentially signal the end of the company, so although budget airlines may cut costs elsewhere, they are unlikely to do so when it comes to safety check procedures.

Southwest Airlines is the oldest budget airline in the world and has impressively only suffered 9 accidents in four decades of operation and over 12 million flights since 1967. Southwest's business model and operations have served as the blueprint for many of the budget airlines which followed, meaning that the majority enjoy similar US airline safety records.

So, although the idea that booking with budget airlines means that you are booking tickets with airlines with the worst safety record - it is more of a modern travel myth than reality.


Budget Travel - Which Airlines Are Safest?

So, now that we know that booking with budget airlines doesn't mean we are putting ourselves at any extra risk - which budget airlines are safest? Well, according to AirlineRatings.com, the top 10 safest low-cost air carriers across the globe are as follows (in alphabetical order):

  • Allegiant,
  • EasyJet,
  • Frontier,
  • Jetstar Group,
  • JetBlue,
  • Ryanair,
  • VietJet,
  • Volaris,
  • Westjet
  • Wizz


Are Budget Airlines the Best Way to Travel?

So now that you know the answer to "Is Frontier Airline safe?" Is this and other budget airlines the best option for air travel for the next year?

When deciding whether budget air travel for you, you need to weigh up what you are giving up against the money you are saving. Although budget airlines have excellent Us airline safety records, they also have poor rankings for customer service, customer satisfaction, and flight cancellations!

Budget airlines such as JetBlue, Frontier flights, and Allegiant all ranked poorly when their service levels were assessed by AirlineRatings.com, with total marks all below 50 out of 100. Spirit Airlines ranked the very lowest with a mark of 30,89/100, ranking poorly when it came to customer satisfaction levels, baggage fees, cancellations, and flight times.


Remember Budget Airline Charge for Add-Ons Which Can Raise the Price Considerably

Another thing you need to consider when deciding if budget airline travel is the best option for you is whether you will need to pay for extras and add-ons which negate any savings you made on the ticket.

Budget airlines may charge you extra for seat selection, meals, baggage checking, and carry-on. If you need to use these services on your flight, make sure you are aware of these costs before you book your flight. You may even find that once you have added up all the extra costs, you are spending more! So be cautious and check before confirming your payment.


Summary Are Budget Airlines Safe? - The Facts

Have you been delaying booking your flights because of questions about budget airlines and US airline safety? Were you previously worried about the answer to the question "is frontier airline safe?" Have you previously avoided budget airlines because you assumed they had airline worst safety records?

Well, after reading our article, you should now have an idea of why flying is so safe with budget airlines! The next time you are looking for cheap flights, you shouldn't automatically assume that a low-cost carrier has the worst safety record. (And if you are worried their most recent safety records are simply a google search away!)

Booking with a budget airline can be a great and safe way to reduce travel costs for 2023. Just make sure to factor in addons before confirming your booking!

Plane flying in the air