Amex vs Chase Concierge Services: What You Need To Know

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When it comes to applying for a credit card that offers luxury perks and benefits, the Amex Concierge and Chase Concierge are two of the most popular schemes. But deciding which high-end card is best for you will hinge on deciding which perks and benefits are the best fit for your lifestyle and give you the most value back for the higher annual fee.

Below we will look into the question "Is Amex concierge better than Chase concierge?" We will detail the perks and benefits available with each card and how the services work.

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What Are Credit Card Concierge Services?

Some premium cards offer concierge services as part of the perks and benefits available to VIP customers who are willing to pay a higher fee for an extra level of comfort, luxury, and convenience.

Some examples of concierge services are:

  • Arranging transportation for you.
  • Recommending and booking local restaurants and hotels when you are traveling.
  • Arranging pet care and walking services while you are away.
  • Sourcing and booking tickets for concerts, sports events, and other activities.
  • Helping to create travel itineraries and making bookings for you.
  • Sourcing and delivering flowers and other gifts.


Are Credit Card Concierge Services Worth The Extra Cost?

The cost of concierge can be covered by the added value, exclusive access, and complimentary services you will receive as a card owner. This can include gaining entry to exclusive restaurants and hotels, free VIP entry to clubs, and discounts at high-end memberships and services.

Concierge services for premium credit cards are provided by contracted third-party concierge companies and not your card issuer directly. Because of this the types of services offered and the level and quality of attention can vary.


Is Amex Concierge Better Than Chase Concierge? - Breakdown of Services

Below we will give you a breakdown of the services and perks you can expect from the Amex Concierge and Chase Concierge Sapphire services. We will also look into how each service works and whether the services on offer are worth the fees being charged.


Amex and Chase Concierge Services for Traveling

One of the most popular and convenient services available with concierge services is the assistance on offer when you are traveling for either business or leisure.

A concierge service will do your research and bookings for you and function as your bespoke travel guide wherever you are heading around the globe. You can ask your card concierge service for help with planning a travel itinerary, finding the best hotels in the area, and discovering the best places to visit.

Both Amex and Chase premium card concierge services offer assistance when you travel, however, the services on offer do differ.


How Does Amex Concierge Work?

The Platinum Card will give you access to a complimentary concierge service at no extra charge, but charges and purchases made through the service should be placed on your card. You can also access the platinum concierge service with certain premium co-branded Amex cards such as the Delta SkyMiles® Reserve American Express Card.

If you have a Centurion® Card (also known as the American Express Black Card), you will be able to access a dedicated service from an assigned representative who effectively will work as a Personal assistant while you are traveling and will go to huge lengths to ensure that your every request is catered to.

You simply need to ring the phone number on the back of your card to access the service and request a concierge, you will then be transferred to the third-party service.

Here are some of the services you can access using the Amex Concierge service:

  • How Does Amex Concierge Work for Travel? - To help you with travel, hotel, restaurant, and transport bookings wherever you are in the world. You will also be able to access information about local events and get help making bookings at tourist attractions and venues.
  • Hotel Concierge Services. - A key aspect of what Amex Concierge can do concerns hotel bookings while you travel. Every aspect of booking and research during your business or leisure trip can be managed, from researching and booking the best local hotels to arranging transport from the airport and making reservations at nearby restaurants.
  • Emergency Medical Assistance. If you run into health trouble while you travel, the Amex Concierge Platinum service will help to manage admissions into local hospitals, make doctor’s appointments, and assist with health insurance claims.
  • General Lifestyle Concierge Services. Even when you aren't traveling you will be able to access personalized services to help you manage your lifestyle day to day. However, this service involves a retainer cost which you will have to pay each month.
  • Shopping Concierge Services. Whether you are abroad or at home, you may find that shopping is a time-consuming task that you would rather offload to an expert! A shopping concierge will work as your personal shopper and help you to build up a stylish and functional wardrobe.


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Using the Chase Concierge Service

The Chase Concierge services available on Chase Sapphire Reserve and other cards will give you access to concierge services through Visa. So, you will be receiving the same service that is available to holders of Visa Signature cards which is available 24/7 to help you with your travel arrangements and itinerary planning.

You can contact the service via phone, email, or the Visa website and Visa aims to help you with your request within 24 to 48 hours of getting in contact.

  • Chase Concierge Sapphire Travel Concierge Services. - You can use the Visa signature concierge service to access help with finding and booking the best hotels for your business or leisure trips. You will also receive traveler assistance with arranging transportation to and from the airport and booking flights.
  • Dining Concierge Service. - Chase Sapphire credit cards offer concierge services that will help you to find and book the best restaurant reservations and dining options whether you are at home or on vacation.
  • Entertainment Concierge Assistance. - You will be able to use the concierge service to book tickets and VIP packages for music, sports, and other entertainment events either in your home location or when traveling across the globe.
  • Personal Assistance Concierge. - A higher level of service is available through the concierge services available on Visa Infinite cards. The Visa Infinite concierge service will help you to source hard-to-find items in your location, and arrange for wine, flowers, and gift deliveries.

However, you will not be able to access VIP assistance concerning travel insurance benefits, lost cards, billing inquiries, or card activations. For all of this, you will need to go through the normal Visa communication channels.


Is Amex Concierge Better Than Chase Concierge Services?

As you can see, both the Amex concierge and chase concierge services offer similar services. There are some differences in how they are delivered and the level of attention you can expect.

Chase has outsourced its service completely via Visa, so you will essentially be receiving the same level of service as those with Visa Signature or Infinite cards. Amex has its own program and if you have a black card, you can essentially access your own personal assistant through the service.

In terms of quickly accessing concierge services, Amex concierge services are available 24/7, but you may have to wait 24 to 48 hours to access services available through the Chase service via Visa signature cards.

The level of attention you will receive can vary, so when deciding whether you want a Chase or Amex service, you should think about the level of attention you want and how quickly you need assistance. For truly personalized and 24/7 assistance then the higher echelons of Amex cards may be the best fit. If you are happy to wait a few days for assistance with booking hotels and restaurants for future travel, then Chase should be a good option.


Amex vs Chase Concierge Services: What You Need to Know

From the article above, you should now have a good idea about the answers to the questions "How does Amex concierge work?” and "Is Amex Concierge better than Chase concierge services?" Both services can save you valuable time and may also help to cut personal assistant costs whether you are at home or away. So rather than disregard concierge services as an unnecessary luxury, it might be time to work out exactly what you could save in money, time, and inconvenience if you use a credit card concierge service this year.


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