The Ultimate Amex Centurion Lounge Guide 2024

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Centurion Lounge Sign Phoenix

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Premium cards from American Express come packed with attractive membership benefits, including various high-end travel amenities. Of these, airport lounge access is a perk that cardholders can enjoy. The Centurion Lounges are some of the most exclusive within Amex's extensive Global Lounge Collection. If you want to learn more about The American Express Global Lounge Collection (1,400+ Lounges), we suggest you read this article. For this guide, we will focus primarily on the full-fledged Centurion Lounges.

Centurion Lounges are superior to most other airport lounges in multiple aspects. They usually provide seasonally influenced cuisine prepared by acclaimed local chefs, unique signature cocktails, high-quality spirits, and handpicked wine selections. Specific Centurion Lounges even extend complimentary spa services, wine-tasting sessions, and family rooms to qualifying cardholders.

Intrigued by the offerings of Amex's Centurion Lounges? Please continue reading to learn more about these exquisite lounges, Centurion Lounge locations, and how to access them.

American Express Centurion Lounge Amenities

When considering amenities, please note all American Express Centurion Lounges provide the following standard perks:

  • Member Services desk
  • Locally-inspired cuisine
  • Premium bar (wine director: Anthony Giglio; cocktail program: Jim Meehan)
  • Family room
  • High-speed Wi-Fi
  • Print-fax-copy services
  • Computer bar
  • Magazines and newspapers


Additional amenities are available at select Amex Lounges:

  • Shower Suite (at select locations)
  • Spa Services (at select locations)
  • Private Workspace (at select locations)
  • Game Room (at select locations)


It's important to note that Amex has recently rebranded its international lounges under the Centurion Lounge umbrella. Amex is upgrading several of its international Centurion Lounges. This is to ensure that they align with the premier Centurion Lounge experience.

At the same time, American Express is rebranding and refurbishing multiple Escape Lounge locations in the U.S. These locations will be transformed into new Escape Lounges called The Centurion Studio Partner.

Significant changes may not be noticed right away. However, cardmembers can look forward to the improved quality of snacks, cocktails, and beverages.

Amex Centurion Lounge locations

Centurion Lounge Sign Phoenix

The following airports have an American Express Centurion Lounge:

City (Airport Code)Location
Charlotte (CLT)Intersection of Concourses D & E, mezzanine level
Dallas (DFW)Terminal D, across from Gate D12
Denver (DEN)Concourse C, just past Gate C46 on the mezzanine level
Houston (IAH)Terminal D near gate D6
Las Vegas (LAS)Concourse D, opposite Gate D1
Los Angeles (LAX)Tom Bradley International Terminal (TBIT) near the Great Hall
Miami (MIA)Concourse D, near Gate D12 (4th floor)
New York (JFK)Terminal 4 past security
New York (LGA)Terminal B on 4th floor before the Eastern Concourse pedestrian bridge
Philadelphia (PHL)Terminal A West, near Gate A14
Phoenix (PHX)Terminal 4, across from Gate B22 on the upper level
San Francisco (SFO)Terminal 3, adjacent gate F1/F2
Seattle (SEA)Central Terminal on the mezzanine level


The following International airports have an American Express Centurion Lounge:

City (Airport Code)Location
Buenos Aires (EZE)Terminal B, near gate 15
Delhi (DEL)Terminal 3, adjacent to Gates 27 and 28
Hong Kong (HKG)Terminal 1 up the escalator before gate 60
London (LHR)Terminal 3 on level 2
Melbourne (MEL)Terminal 2 on the lower level
Mexico City (MEX)• Terminal 1 International, between Gate 8 and F1
• Terminal 1 Domestic, Departure near Gate 17 and 18
• Terminal 2 on Mezzanine level
Monterrey (MTY)• Terminal A, near Gate 4
• Terminal B, near food court
Mumbai (BOM)Terminal 2 Domestic, on Level 3
São Paulo (GRU)Terminal 3
Stockholm (ARN)Terminal 5, on Mezzanine Level
Sydney (SYD)Terminal 1 International Departures, near Gates 50-63






Airports that recently opened Centurion Lounge locations

American Express has been rapidly expanding its Centurion Lounge network to more airports. Since 2020, they have opened new locations in Phoenix, Charlotte, Los Angeles, New York (JFK and LGA), Denver, and Las Vegas.

More recently, Amex expanded Centurion Lounges in San Francisco in December 2022 and Seattle in February 2023.

Airports with Centurion Lounges opening soon

American Express has exciting plans for expanding its Centurion Lounge network. They are actively working on opening new Amex Centurion Lounges at Washington Reagan National in 2023, Atlanta in 2024, and Newark at a date yet to be announced. Additionally, plans are to enhance and expand the Centurion Lounge in Seattle by early 2023.

Amex Centurion Club locations

The first Centurion Club location outside of an airport opened in downtown Manhattan in March 2023. The "Centurion New York" is an 11,500-square-foot club set inside one of New York City's tallest skyscrapers. It follows different admission rules than traditional Centurion lounges. The New York club is open to all Amex cardholders and the general public with reservations.

How to get into a Centurion Lounge

Amex logo on glass in the centurion lounge

Centurion Lounge is semi-exclusive; in most cases, you cannot simply walk in and pay for access. Admission requires you to check in at the Member Services desk.

A cardholder must present a valid card to enter. Additionally, you must show a government-issued photo ID plus a boarding pass with a confirmed reservation for same-day travel. The term "confirmed boarding pass" means you have a seat assignment. Standby passengers or non-revenue/employee discounted ticket holders do not get lounge access while waiting for departure.

Accessing American Express Centurion Lounges is reserved for qualified cardholders of Platinum and Centurion consumer and business cards. The eligible cards include the following:

  • Centurion® Card from American Express (invite only)
  • The Platinum Card® from American Express (Terms apply)
  • The Business Platinum Card® from American Express (Terms apply)
  • The American Express Corporate Platinum Card® (Terms Apply)


Cardmembers with other Platinum Card®, such as the Schwab, Ameriprise, or international versions, should also have access.

In addition to the primary cardholder, authorized users who possess a Centurion® or The Platinum Card® can also enjoy access to the Centurion Lounge. The Platinum Card® allows the primary cardholder to add up to three authorized users, extending the lounge access privilege to them. The total cost for this is $175 per year. Please see American Express' rates and fees for more information.

But authorized users who have The Platinum Card® complimentary additional Gold Card won't gain lounge access. In contrast to Centurion® or Platinum Card® cardholders, those with American Express® Gold Card or Delta SkyMiles® Platinum American Express Card cannot access the Amex Lounges.

The Platinum Card® from American Express

Experienced Users

Intro offer

80,000 Points

Annual Fee


Recommended Credit


80,000 Points

AE Platinum.png

Centurion Lounge Access Policies

To enter a Centurion Lounge, you need to have the following documents ready for presentation:

  • Eligible Amex card (approved cards listed below)
  • Boarding pass for the same-day travel
  • Government-issued ID


We recommend using the Amex mobile app for mobile check-in. However, doing so doesn't let you bypass capacity limitations at the lounge. Even using the Amex mobile app, you'll still need to show your boarding pass and ID. We still recommend carrying your physical card even if you plan to use the app. 

Here are some additional details to consider:

  • Whether you use the Amex mobile app or show a physical card, it's essential to ensure that the name on the card matches the name on your government-issued identification.
  • Access policies for Amex's international Centurion Lounges may vary from country to country. Familiarize yourself with the specific access policies for each location.
  • Access restrictions depend on the type of card you hold. Centurion cardmembers are eligible to use Centurion Lounges as long as they are in the lounge terminal and hold a confirmed reservation for same-day travel.


Non-Centurion card members should take note of two additional access restrictions for Centurion Lounges. Firstly, they are not permitted to enter with a boarding pass for a recently landed flight without a confirmed connecting flight departing from the same airport. Secondly, they cannot enter the lounge more than three hours prior to the departure time stated on their same-day, confirmed boarding pass unless they can provide proof of a connecting flight.

Centurion Lounges' waitlist procedure

Centurion Lounge guests may have to wait during peak travel windows before entering the lounge. It varies based on capacity and demand, which can change throughout the day.

Suppose you arrive at a Centurion Lounge that is at capacity. In that case, you'll usually need to provide your name and phone number. Then, you'll get a text once it's your turn to enter the lounge.

Centurion Lounge guest policies

Effective February 1, 2023, there have been updates to the guest policies at Centurion Lounges. Here are the details:

Centurion and Corporate Platinum cardmembers:

  • They can still bring immediate family or two complimentary guests into the lounge.
  • "Immediate family" includes a spouse or domestic partner and children under 18.


Centurion® cardmembers:

  • They are allowed to enter lounges with two guests or their immediate family (i.e., spouse or domestic partner, and kids under 18) at no additional charge.


Platinum Card® and Business Platinum Card® cardmembers:

  • If they have spent $75,000 in eligible purchases within a calendar year, they can enter with up to two complimentary guests.
  • If the spending threshold has not been met, they have the option to purchase a guest day pass.
  • A guest day pass costs $50 per adult or $30 per child (ages 2 to 17).


The Delta SkyMiles® Reserve cardholders:

  • They may bring up to two guests with them to the lounge.
  • The cost for each guest is $50 per visit per location.
  • Additionally, Platinum Card®, Business Platinum Card®, and Centurion® cardmembers have the option to purchase a day pass for additional guests at a rate of $50 per person.


How to get more than 4 people into an Amex Centurion Lounge

Recent guest policy changes make accessing a Centurion Lounge for families of 4 or more difficult.

If you need to get more than four people into an Amex Centurion Lounge, here are some options to consider:

1. Paying per person: With recent guest policy changes, families of four or more may find it challenging to access Centurion Lounges. You will need to pay an additional fee for each person beyond the complimentary guests allowed. For example:

  • Families of four (i.e., 2 adults and 2 children) with only one The Platinum Card® cardholder will pay $110.
  • Families of five will pay $140, and families of six will pay $170, and so on.


2. Adding authorized users: If you frequently travel with your family, adding authorized users to your Amex Platinum card could be a viable solution. American Express charges a $175 fee (rates and fees) to issue an additional Amex Platinum card for up to three authorized cardholders. This option makes sense, especially for families where travels involve a partner and children.

3. Considering age limitations: It's worth noting the age limit for American Express authorized cardholders is set at 13 years old. Adding them as authorized cardholders could be worthwhile if you frequently travel with a teenager or an adult child.

By exploring these options, you can find the best approach to accommodate your family's needs when accessing Amex Centurion Lounges.

Does Adding an Authorized Cardholder Make Sense for My Family?

Considering whether to add an authorized cardholder to your account for Centurion Lounge access involves several factors. Here are some key points to consider:

1. Cost-effectiveness: Adding an authorized user can be beneficial if your family plans to access Centurion Lounges frequently (4+ times). While you will still need to pay for any children over the age of 2, having a second adult as an authorized user is typically more cost-effective than paying the $50 guest fee for each visit.

2. Responsibility and liability: It's important to remember that adding an authorized cardholder means they have access to your account and are subject to the same terms and agreements as the primary cardholder. As the primary cardholder, you are responsible for purchases the authorized cardholder makes. American Express reserves the right to report authorized cardholder use on your account to credit reporting agencies and enforce the agreed-upon terms and conditions.

3. Financial responsibility: Before adding an authorized cardholder, ensuring they will use the card responsibly and in line with your financial goals and values is crucial. Trust and communication are vital to maintaining a healthy financial arrangement.

Consider these factors carefully when deciding whether adding an authorized cardholder to your account is the right choice for your family's Centurion Lounge access.

Extra benefits for Centurion cardmembers

The Centurion® Card from American Express is an exclusive invitation-only card with high spending requirements, an initiation fee, and an annual fee. Despite these costs, Centurion® cardmembers enjoy additional perks when visiting Centurion lounges. Although not widely advertised by Amex, here are some specific benefits available to Centurion® Card holders at Centurion Lounges:

  • Guaranteed access, even when the lounge is full.
  • Reserved seating, often in a designated area for Centurion cardmembers.
  • Complimentary premium champagne.
  • Complimentary premium drink selection (available at select lounges).


The information for The Centurion® Card has been collected independently. The card benefits for Centurion Lounge access on this page have not been reviewed or provided by the issuer.

Bottom line

amex credit cards on a keyboard

The premium American Express Membership Rewards cards, such as The Platinum Card®, Business Platinum Card®, and the exclusive Centurion®, offer access to the American Express Global Lounge Collection, which includes Centurion Lounges. These lounges are highly beneficial for frequent domestic and international travelers, making them a compelling reason to carry these membership cards and justify their annual fees.

The Delta SkyMiles® Reserve and Delta The Delta SkyMiles® Business Reserve cardmembers can also enjoy access to Centurion Lounges on select trips. Specifically, they receive complimentary access to U.S., Hong Kong, and London Centurion Lounges when flying on Delta-marketed or Delta-operated flights, provided they pay for their fare with a U.S.-issued American Express card.


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