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Airbnb vs Hotel - Which Should You Choose for Your Next Trip?

For generations, hotels enjoyed an unchallenged monopoly on accommodation options for weary travelers. When planning their vacations there would be little other option than to check in at one of the nearest hotels.

But with the rise of the internet came the B'n'B rental Behemoth AirB'n'B. Suddenly hotels found themselves competing for customers with everyone who had a spare room with a nice view. Airbnb quickly took hold of travelers' imaginations, as they found themselves being invited into local homes rather than sterile hotel environments.

But then the bubble broke, somewhat. Airbnb found itself rocked by scandals as security concerns swopped to the forefront of the news cycle. As a result, you may find that you are debating whether you should book with the digital giant or stick to a hotel the next time you travel.

But before you make your choice, make sure to read our article below which will help you decide. We will list all the pros and cons of each accommodation option, so you can make an informed decision the next time you book.

Below we will detail the pros and cons of both Airbnb and Hotel Stays, so you can decide which appeals more.


Pros and Cons of Airbnb?


Pros of Airbnb


1. Get a more authentic local experience.

Staying at an Airbnb location will give you a more authentic taste of life in the area. You will be living like a local surrounded by cafes, shops, residents, and the culture. You will be able to get a better overall sense of the local neighborhood, the people, and the daily life in the area. if your aim in traveling is to truly experience different cultures, traditions, and societies, then this would make AirBnB a very attractive choice.


2. Cheaper Option for Larger Groups.

Rather than paying out for individual rooms for a large party, renting out a big house with Airbnb may work out a lot cheaper. And you will all be able to enjoy hanging out together in common areas rather than being separated from each other behind hotel room doors.


3. Budget-Friendly Stays.

Even if you are traveling with a smaller party, chances are you will still able to find some low-cost living quarters which most hotels will not be able to compete with. If you do find budget hotels with comparable costs, they will usually be bland, basic affairs.


4. More unique and Individual Experiences.

Booking with a large hotel usually means that the experience you will have will be uniform with everyone else. With Airbnb, you can find some great, unique, and special homes which can add to the overall enjoyment of your stay. Whether you want to stay in a country cottage, luxurious city flat, houseboat, or shepherd's hut, the sheer variety of accommodation available on Airbnb will amaze you! 


Cons of Airbnb


1. You will have to clean up after yourself.

If you want a break from having to tidy up after yourself, then Airbnb may not be your best option. You will have to cook and clean for yourself, make your bed and do your food shopping.


2. Security Concerns.

The security scandals AirBnB has faced recently with both renters and guests suffering physical violence, theft, and sexual assault experiences. Although Airbnb has pledged to improve its procedures, you will still have to decide how safe you feel the whole process is.

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Pros and Cons of Hotels

Hotel room with a bed

Pros of Hotels

1. You don't have to Cook and Clean!

Going on vacation means that you don't want to have to worry about cooking, cleaning, and any other chores. Paying for a hotel means that you will get a complete break from the household chores and can concentrate fully on enjoying yourself!


2. Have a more Secure Stay.

if you are looking for a more secure stay, hotels have their own security teams, secure locks to which only you and the front desk have access, and security cameras around every corner. This is one area where Airbnb is beaten!


3. Get a taste of Luxury.

Staying in a hotel can be a great part of your vacation in and of itself. Not only don't you have to clean and cook, but you can enjoy concierge, room service, and a host of other perks to make your stay as easy and stress-free as possible.


4. Better for Short Stays

if you are only going to be staying in the area for a couple of days, the convenience of a hotel may make it a better choice.


Cons of Hotels


1. Corporate Conformity.

If you are booking into a large chain hotel and expecting a unique and bespoke experience, chances are you won't find it. You will be having exactly the same service, and treatment and enjoying the same decor as the hundreds of other guests in the hotel.


2. Greater Expense.

It is possible that Airbnb may offer you cheaper stay options. Hotels have to factor in the huge staff and running costs of their buildings into your bill. Airbnb owners have no such concerns.

Hotel with a pool against a blue sky

Summary - Airbnb vs Hotel

When choosing whether you would prefer to stay at a hotel or an Airbnb location on your next trip, there are several things you will need to consider. Security concerns, cost, and length of stay are likely to be large determining factors. The type of experience you are after will also be a big determining factor.

If you want an authentic local experience you might decide that Airbnb is the best choice for you. However, if being security conscious is of prime importance then perhaps a hotel stay would be the best choice. It has to be said that every year a multitude of travelers use Airbnb without incident. Whether or not you decide to use the service will depend upon your own personal judgment of the situation.

Wherever you eventually end up on the Airbnb vs Hotel debate, make sure that you always read reviews, either of the hotel or the Airbnb host, to get a better idea of what type of experience you are booking.